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Effective care & communication

Encouraging adaptive behaviour
Each week a child in each class will be rewarded with Star Of The Week in the school assembly, due to good work ethic or something that has made them stand out in a good way. This may encourage other children to try harder in order to get recognition from the whole school.
When children create a good piece of work, they get rewarded with a merit sticker which they put on their merit chart. When the merit chart is complete, they get rewarded with a merit certificate, starting at bronze, then silver, to gold. When they reach gold they get rewarded with a prize.
As children are young, they learn new vocabulary every day. Therefore teachers will speak kindly and use appropriate language as they’re aware children may imitate their behaviour, so they need to set good examples to the children. Teachers, as well as classroom assistants will use good manners towards each other and the children. This allows the children to see what is write and respectful. They would show this by saying please and thank you.
When teachers set a physical task for the pupils, they may demonstrate how to complete the task first so they children have an idea on how to do it.
Social perception
If a child isn’t acting themselves and isolating themselves from their peers, the teacher may realise that something isn’t right. This may be because of various problems such as bullying, however the child may hide this from the teacher. Due to the child protection policy as well as the anti-bullying policy in the school; the teachers, head teacher and class room assistants must be trained so that they’re aware of if a child is being neglected or a victim of abuse.
Physical contact
It is extremely limited in a primary school. Therefore even in the most upsetting circumstance, teachers have to be very aware of how...

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