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Effective Commuication Paper

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Effective Communication Paper
Nishele Burnett
HCS 325
February 1, 2016
Dr. Hanna Matatyaho

Effective Communication Paper
An organization model is simply the framework of the organization which includes line of authority, system of tasks, communication channels, reporting relationships, and work flow that connects the various parts of the organization. The model of the organization is motivated by the goals of the business and establishes the way in which business activities are carried out. Health insurance companies is an example of an organization structure. In particular, this paper will discuss the organization structure of Johns Hopkins Health Care LLC, and the ways in which information is shared within the organization. I will also examine the most effective and ineffective ways to share that information.
Which Organizational Model Best Describes Your Organization?
Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC (JHHC) is more in detail of a functional structure, which is a structure that organizations utilize to group employees according to a specialized set of roles or tasks. The JHHC organizational model consists of a president, and several vice presidents. Each vice president is responsible for heading different parts of the organization, which includes operations, utilization management, human resources, compliance, and the list goes on. For each vice president, there is a director that is responsible for overseeing the overall operation of the department, and who also reports to the vice president. Each department has managers and supervisors that are responsible for the day to day workflow of the department. Under the managers and supervisors are the staff members, who generally are the key to the actual function of the department.
The employees of JHHC are grouped hierarchically within the department. Each department has different objectives, and...

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