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Effective Communication in Hotels


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Emmanuel Lodge Effective Communication

The aim of this report is to ascertain the import ants of effective communication in the organization. And address the effectiveness of interpersonal communication within the hotel employer and employee, and how it implicates on customer/guest satisfaction in Immanuel Lodge/hotels
This report article is based on primary data collection: by actually doing interview with the employee of the designated Lodge. Jenifer Taoma is the supervisor assisting the manageress of the lodge. We collect data through interviewing her from the question provided by the lecturer. The methodology of this report is by analyzing the effective communication in hotel industries as potential secret market segment to identifying approaches, that hotel could inculcate for better customer satisfaction.
The report addresses the issue of effective communication focusing on particularly from employer to employees and the guests/ victors. The main target audience are hotel managers and employees desiring to understand and achieve customer satisfaction through effective communication offered to guests’ in-addition would help hotels aspiring to open doors to this niche market segment.
Hotels catering to tourist/guest from all works of life. Hotel, business is a business that makes money on people. Therefore with effective communication it will attract more customers. When there are more customers, the hotel makes more money and that will boom the organization reputation and draw a line to its competitors and the business will achieve its objectives and goals
Effective communication is of utmost importance, often given high priority and frequently is of a matter of concern to managers, employees, customer/guests of hotel and hospitality service providers (Yuksel and Yuksel, 2001 and Oh and Parks, 1997). Hospitality industries such as

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