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Effective Communication Techniques
HCS/325 Health Care Management
January 16, 2012

Effective Communication Techniques
Effective Communication is the tool that should be used within a health care facility and is an important tool that can determine the success of any health care facility. Effective communication is important to the staff and to the patients as well. Patients depend on the look to staff to help them understand or answer their questions regarding their medical care. If there is no communication or if there is ineffective communication the facility will fail to meet the needs of the patient. This paper will review the techniques of effective and ineffective communication and the impact these techniques will present to any health care facility.
There are many forms of communication in a health care organization that have been most effective for sharing information and ideas among employees. The first form of communication that is an effective is to have a daily meeting at the end of each workday. The meeting should be no shorter than five minutes and no longer than an hour. The purpose of the meeting is to let each employee talk and express his or her feelings or any problems that may have risen throughout the work day.
Another form of communication that is an excellent technique to use is just a simple dry erase board that hangs in an office. The employees can use the board by writing down problems that they may encounter throughout their day as a reminder to the employees. That way when the meeting starts everyone will be ready to address the issue of the day. The third form of communication is an online chat like Skype, but it would have to be one that has met the organizations approval. If it is an online chat that has met their approval the employees could use this technique to communicate with their supervisor regarding a…...