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Effective Communication Strategy

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How would you design an effective communication strategy for an organisation? Communication is one of the focal point in organisation behavior. Effective communication is needed in administrating an organisation and implementing organisational strategies. Communication is one of the biggest contributions to the effectiveness of managers. As such, good communicators make good managers since staff will voluntarily listen to them in executing instructions.

Communication strategies enable organisations to disseminate information in a structured and controlled manner. They describe in detail the structure of information flow, the message to be conveyed, the correct target audience, potential methods, resources required to fulfill, and feedback mechanisms for analysis.

Fred Luthans emphasizes that communication is not the main reason and solution to problems in organisations. Other factors such as motivation, decision making, stress, organisational structure are among others that can also play a part to problems and therefore can be solutions to problems. Nevertheless, it has been affirmed that communication is a central activity in most human and organisational activities.
Fred Luthans

In strategising effective communication there is a need to focus on areas in evaluating corporate communications. The evaluation of existing communication approaches will generate the relevant information that will assist in the design of a new strategy. The organisation should be evaluated on:
 

The general state of communications in the organization The ways by which the organisation has been communicating

with its members
 

How the organisation has been communicating internally, and How the members of the organisation perceive the organisation

Chester Barnard acknowledged communication as an important management activity, stated that communication is the main...

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