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Effective Microorganism

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A Detailed Lesson plan in English III I.Objectives: At the end of the lessop, 75% of the pupils should be able to: 1. Recognize describing words; 2. define adjectives; 3. give examples of adjectives ; 4. use adjectives in a sentence ; 5. II. Subject Matter Topic: Using describing words. References: Basics and Beyond Language III,pp. 153-160 Materials: Charts, drawings, chalk board Value integration: Appreciating God’s creation III.Procedure Teachers activity Pupils activity A. Preparatory activities 1.Prayer 2. Checking of attendance 3.Spelling 1. beautiful The young lady is beautiful. 2. bright The bright child perfected the test yesterday. 3. mountains The mountains are full of trees. 4.pretty The pretty baby is smiling. 5.insects There are many insects in the forest. 4.Review Direction : Underline the verb in each sentence. 1.Tom waters the plants every morning. 2.The girls clean the backyard. 3.The boys dig the canal. 4.The men work hard to keep the community clean. 5. The women cook delicious food. 5.Motivation Take a look around you. What can you see? Can you describe them? I can see clean black board. I can see blue sky. I can see beautiful and handsome Classmates. 6.Unlocking of difficulties I have here words that we need to find their meanings. I will use it first in a sentence after that you will find the meaning from the second column. 1.beautiful Her beautiful face makes her attractive. 2.bright The bright sun is hot. 3.golden She wears a golden ribbon like a gold. 4. colorful His drawing is colorful. 5. marvelous God can make marvelous things that amazed us. B.Developmental activities 1.Presentation I have here a drawing of the creation of God. What can you see? 2. Reading of the motive question. I have here a story .But before we read the story who wants to read the question that you need to answer after reading the story? 3.Reading the story I will read first and afterwards we will read it it all together. This big beautiful world was created by God. He made the blue sky, the bright sun, the golden moon and the billion stars. He made the high mountains, the oceans, the green plants and the colorful flowers. He made many animals, like the pretty birds and the tiny insects. God made all these marvelous things for you and for me. 4. Answering the motive question. Now, let us go back to our question a while ago. Who wants to read and answer the questions? 5. Comprehension check up 1. Who created the big beautiful world? 2. What were the things He created? 3. For whom were these creation He made? 4.Why did God create all these things? | a.pretty b.shining with light c.bright- yellow d. full of colors e. wonderful I can see birds. I can see blue sky. I can see beautiful flowers. As a creation of God, how can you protect the other creation of God? As a creation of God, how can you protect the other creation of God? As a creation of God, I could protect the other creation of God by not killing the endangered animals, by not throwing garbage in the oceans, and not burning plastics. God created the beautiful world. He created the blue sky, the bright sun, the golden moon, the billion stars, the high mountains, wide oceans,colorful flowers, green plants, many animals. He made those creations for us. God create all these things to make the world beautiful and wonderful. |

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