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Effective Strategies Paper

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Effective Strategies Paper

During one of the worse recessions, The Ford Motor Company has gone from almost losing $30 billion dollars in less than 3 years to earning close to $6.6. Billion dollars all due to Alan Mulally team building techniques and strategies. Before Alan came aboard the company was at lost ends and almost at the point of going bankrupt. They were losing money left and right and no loner considered one of the top automotive companies. A lot of people didn’t think Ford could ever recover from there Billion dollar. In fact, Ford was even losing ground competitors for decades. It got so bad for The Ford Motor Company that in 2002 there was a plan to cute jobs and talk of pant closures. Something no one seen coming or was thrilled about. With talks of closing plants and job cuts that meant leaving 14 plants and 34,000 workers out of jobs. The plan eventually went into effect and led to closures of Ford’s plants in Brook Park, Cleveland, and in Toledo. The purpose of closing and laying off several employees were to cut cost to keep the company alive. By midyear, The Ford Company president and chief executive Bill Ford Jr. resigned and hired Alan Mulally.

Alan Mulally served for several years as president and chief executive of Ford Motor Company. Alan came aboard with Ford September of 2006 and led Ford’s transformation into one of the worlds leading automakers known today. His mission and values were to guide Fords Auto Company in working together as a team on a fascinating vision; comprehensive strategy and persistent implementation of one of Fords plan to drive profitable growth for all the company’s stakeholders. Alan Mulally also strived to make sure to focus on customers needs when it comes to automotive. He made sure to serve customers in all markets with providing a wide range of vehicles from small, medium, and large. These cars…...

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