Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education

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There are many factors that contribute to a sound and solid education. Education is too much of a complex process for anyone to simplify it.
One may begin by looking at some of the possible influences that may play an important role here. The psychological, biological, and social-cultural elements are definitely in charge of producing a diverse range of effects. Quoted by Leann Zotis, cited from www.helium.com ‘One will find that inner motivation, amazement for the world around them and desire to learn will definitely ignite and assist a thirst for learning that could lead towards building a sound education. Having supportive and encouraging individuals to guide one through the learning process will also be of help.’ It doesn’t matter what background a person is from, everyone is capable of studying and learning.
A second important role is played by the environment and here we may include a nature versus nurture perspective. Genetics appear to have a lot to do with intelligence and natural abilities that individuals have developed or are in the process of developing. Stella Cottrell, author of The study skills handbook quoted on page 67 “Effective study depends on having your state of mind, space, time, and materials organised in the ways that best suit ones learning. For many people, it is quite difficult to get into a study mood. Everyone has their own particular distracters: endless cups of coffee, chats on the phone, more laundry, etc. Many people need to use ‘triggers’ to start a study session.”
The last factor to consider is the social-cultural one. Society plays a tremendous role here as certain values and beliefs are placed upon individuals regarding their education. Some cultures have gender bias and may limit the possibilities of developing some good talents. Others place a high demand on overachieving and are more focused on constantly improving their…...