“Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education”

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Study the following phrase and then write a properly referenced academic essay to discuss it.

“Effective Study Skills are the sole foundation of a sound education”

Effective study is a tool that allows you to understand how to approach learning, how to work out a strategy for learning and understanding the information in the most effective way. How to create the right environment, how to manage time and how to identify your learning style. It allows you to identify your weaknesses, different distractions that stop your study, if you are in the right frame of mind and how to get the most out of your time by having the ability to recognise all of the above.

Creating the right environment to get you into study mode – what setting suites you best? Do you listen to music to enable your study, do you study better alone or with company, have you got a drink and all your resources and do you prefer to be at home or in an internet café or library for example?

Managing time – have you allowed enough time for study, some topics will take longer than others? Have you scheduled time for relaxation, home, work and family life? Can you manage your time or do you need to identify your weaknesses to enable you to reach your goals? Be specific with your time, allow time for unplanned situations that may arise and is study better during the day, morning or evening. Studying while tired will be ineffective.

Learning style – what is your approach to learning styles, what method suits you best? Can you identify your learning strengths, weaknesses and tools that you could use to further enhance your study?

Distractions – identify these and don’t allow them to stop your study. Use them to your strength, for example if your get distracted by housework then allow regular 10 minute breaks for this to be done and reflect on…...