Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Good Education

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Study skills can be defined as the techniques and strategies that facilitate
Effective learning and processing of information. It is a strategy that enables
An individual to acquire the knowledge in an organized manner by effectively
Making use of time, resources and academic potential.
Study skills may be an inborn trait in some students while others acquire it through learning and practice. There are different types of study skills like listening, reading, note taking, writing, presentation skills, critical thinking skills and research and evaluation techniques.
Study skills help people to retain diverse information and apply them successfully throughout their lives. Skills like organizational skills, listening skills, time management skills, prioritizing, analyzing skill, problem solving skills and self-discipline are developed through study skills and are important in every phase in life.
There are different ways in which people use different types of study techniques, like visual learners learn most effectively by drawing or visualizing things. They learn effectively when material is presented to them using pictures, diagrams, flowcharts, films, demonstrations and other visual aids. Kinaesthic learners learn best through touch and movement. Reading/writing learners learn through reading and writing down everything they think they need to learn. Verbal learners respond better to storytelling; they learn most thoroughly when material is presented to them audibly like the recording of a lecture. Logical learners learn by classifying and thinking abstractly about patterns, numbers and relationships. If students are to succeed academically, they must be able to use different types of study skills strategies to learn different activities.
Study skills are most effective when student use…...