Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education

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Effective study skill is the sole foundation of a sound education?
According to Cottrell (20013) “A study skill is a learned activity, something that can be developed through practice and reflection. You can fine-tune skills, including study skills, just as runners perfect their movement, breathing and pace”.
Zottis (2010) suggests “Any skill which boosts a person’s ability to study and pass exams can be termed a study skill”. We may define a skill as the ability to perform a learned activity and then develop this through practice and reflection. However, the temptation may be too narrowly defining the acquisition of the particularly skill say, being able to achieve a good mark in an essay as an end in itself. Consequently, it may be better to perceive study skills as part of a wider process of learning which contains other aspects for consideration so the student may be to achieve a greater perspective and understanding.
For the majority of student time management, active listening, reading, comprehension, presentation skills, memory techniques, critical thinking skills, research, evaluation, writhing shills, whether a natural attribute or an acquired skill, have to be fine-tuned and developed in order to be effective.
Although social, economic and cultural background could have an influence over the ability of students accessing and studying effectively, study skills may be influenced by a student’s I.Q. of 65, it might be suggested, may not give the student a sound foundation. Good study skills with irresponsible parents will not give a sound foundation. On the flip-side if a student’s I.Q. is in the stratosphere then the student may never have needed study skills to any degree, certainly not until college.
Dilekmen (2000) suggests that the student needs to…...