Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Good Education

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Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education


This essay will define what study skills are and how these aid learning. Issues

relating to difficulties in adapting study skills will be discussed, and how

effective study skills can give foundation to a successful education and future.

Study skills or study strategies are approaches applied to learning (Wikipedia, 2012).

Anderson (2002), describes study skills as processes of meta-cognition, which is

self-awareness of one’s thinking and learning. Learners who are able to step back

and monitor their thinking and learning are able to use strategies for finding out or

figuring out what they need to do. These strategies help students organize, process,

and use information effectively (Kerka, 2007).

Petty (2002), states that most study skills teaching have positive effects, but

some skills work better than others. Research shows that students who are strategic

learners for example who know there are multiple ways to do things have

increased self-esteem, become more responsible, improve completion and accuracy

of their work, and are more engaged in learning, also improving their performance

(Beckman, 2002).

Higher education expects students to have the maturity to work on their own for

longer, this could feel as though study lacks structure which could be an

easy option to quit, however Cottrell (2008), emphasises on the fact that it can feel

very liberating and the student has more freedom to study in ways that suit them.

Effective learners systematically obtain, organize, and retain information, beginning

with good library and Internet search skills (EMSTAC, 2001).

Because individuals have different learning styles, teachers should offer a variety of…...