Effective Study Skills Foundation to Sound Education

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Study the following phrase and then write a properly referenced academic essay to discuss it.

“Effective Study Skills are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education”

Research shows that effective study skills are the sole foundation to a sound education.
Study Skills defined as ‘study strategies are approaches applied to learning. They are generally critical to success in school, and considered essential for acquiring good grades, and useful for learning throughout one's life.’ (www.wikipedia.org 10 Sept 2012)
Research by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford suggest there are four categories of learners; Activist, Pragmatist, Theorist, and Reflector. Each individual learns things in different ways, so not all study skills will be effective for all learners.
You have the Pragmatist learner who tends to learn more efficiently by carrying out practical tasks. So sitting down and reading information will not be most effective for them. This is not to say an individual cannot develop their learning style so other types of study skills can start to work for them. Cottrell suggests that ‘if you don’t do so already, start to read the quality newspapers. Jot down key points for one thing you read.’ (Cottrell, 2008)
The person who is referred to as a Reflector tends to learn best by watching others and are given time to reflect and think about what they have learnt. This kind of learner would usually not excel from being put in a situation the Pragmatist would thrive from. The Reflector could build upon their known weaknesses by giving themselves plenty of time to carry out required practical tasks, allowing plenty of time for reflection and evaluation.

Effective ‘study skills don’t hatch fully formed, any more than a grown hen pops from an egg. They evolve through practice, trial and error, feedback from others, and…...