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Effective Study Skills

In a field such as Foot Health, it is important to learn appropriate study and research skills. According to Gettinger and Seibert, "Capable students at all grade levels may experience difficulty in school, not because they lack ability, but because they lack good study skills"(2002). Because of this, students must be active participants in their learning and seek out appropriate study skills that will help them to retain the knowledge needed to be successful in their chosen fields. While acquiring good study skills will help students to retain the information they are learning in class and in textbooks, research skills will help them to identify current research and, later, stay current on the trends in their field.

Establishing strong study skills takes practice. First of all, students must learn to read critically. In order to do this, they should identify the main ideas in texts by using summarizing and paraphrasing strategies. These will help them to remember main ideas while not being overwhelmed by minute details. While skimming can be a useful tool, it is often necessary for students to read and then reread texts to fully grasp the content. Once they understand the content, then skimming is an appropriate tool to refresh their memory. This also makes summarizing and paraphrasing easier to do.

Students should also organize their time and any class materials. First of all, they should take adequate notes in class. If they are not able to take good notes, then it might benefit them to use a voice recorder to record lectures. Keeping organized notes will help them to review material is important. When they need to remember lists, vocabulary, and concepts, they should use mnemonics, acronyms and context clues to help them remember. Accessing prior knowledge will help them to relate the new material to past experiences, thus…...