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Effective Team Work

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Effective Team Work
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SOC/110 Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution

Effective Team Work * What are the characteristics of effective teams?
The group task role is the group’s ability to focus on a common goal by focusng on certain behaviors that essure that the groups goal will be completed. These roles are all about making sure that group members get along with one another and that everyone coopertaes and works well with one another. The self centered roles are each members’ needs that are placed befre the group’s common goal and other members’ needs. (Engleberg & Wynn)
There are twelve group task roles: 1. Initiator – contribuor role usually comes up with ideas and provides leadership to the group 2. Information seeker role usually will be the role of the group making everyone aware that some crucial information may be missing and be asking for facts and figures. 3. Information giver role will be the person that will be researching and organizing the information needed to be able to educate the group. 4. Opinion seeker will be the role that will ask others how they think and feel about an issue that could be affecting the group’s common goal. 5. Opinion giver will be the role that will be stating what they think and they feel and how it can be applied to the group’s common goal. 6. Elaborator role will be the role that helps explains ideas by finding examples to support the group’s common goal. 7. Coordinator role will pull all the ideas together of the group and make it work towards the group’s common goal. 8. Orienter is the role that will summarize what all other roles have said and bring up any concerns that they may have about not working toward the group’s common goal. 9. Evaluator – critic will analyze all ideas and suggestions and work as the group’s critical thinker to make sure that no vital information was left out. 10. Energizer role will be the one person that will motivate everyone to keep doing the best that they can so that the group can achieve their common goal. 11. Procedural technician will help set up the presentation and make sure that everything needed for the presentation is available. 12. Recorder role will be the one that is keeping record of all ideas and choices for the group so that the common goal can be achieved.

* How do roles, needs, and diversity affect teamwork? Provide specific examples.
Different types of personalities will bring different results to any group. Personalities usually follow the nine self centered roles as defined by The Benne and Sheats self centered roles which usually are found to put their own individual needs before what the group goal may be or what the group needs are. (Engleberg & Wynn) 1. Aggressor will be found putting down other members to be publicly recognized by the group. Sometimes this can present as the aggressor just being sarcastic or insulting other members or sometimes even taking credit for work that they didn’t even do as their own work. 2. Blocker will be usually found getting in the way of working towards a goal. You usually will see this as the person just being negative or argumentative to whatever may be presented therefore slowing down any progress. 3. Dominator will do anything in their power to make sure that anyone else puts any effort towards the common goal. Usually this role accomplishes this by hogging the whole conversation and not allowing anyone to input what he or she may think. And if someone else does manage to put input in, they will interrupt them and start listing ways that their way is better than other ways presented. 4. Recognition seeker will want to become the center of attention at any cost and can actually be found interrupting the group’s progress if they feel that they are not getting enough attention. 5. Clown will be found more having fun than actually doing the work needed to achieve the group’s goal. 6. Deserter will actually leave the group or attempt to leave the group because they seem bored by what the group is discussing. 7. Self confessor will use the group as their own therapist for their own issues rather than input any information that can help bring the group to their goal. 8. Help seeker will be looking for pity from other group members and not provide any participation into the group as they are distracted by their personal life issues. 9. Special interest pleader will talk about anything but what the group’s common goal and get the group off tangent.

* What are components of group diversity?
Diversity comes in a wide range of people by backgrounds and having different traits. Some of the differences can be age, race, culture, religion and more. Sometimes diversity can be a good for a tea but more often it poses many challenges for a group. In order to be able to have a successful group with diversity, you must avoid the four obstacles of ethnocentrism, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. (Engleberg & Wynn). Each member of a team will bring their strengths and weaknesses and it’s crucial to see if one member’s strengths can help another member’s weakness. Diversity can be great in a group but if members can not get along then the team will just not work creating a bigger issue than the issue the group is trying to solve. In a group that contains diversity, members will have to work extra hard to make sure that everyone gets along and is heard and if there is a problem, it is crucial that the problem is figured out so that the team can work better as a whole. In some of the teams that I have had to work in, diversity has been a huge issue that has caused the whole group to fail as whole. Nine times out of ten, we could not over come the diversity and the whole group failed. I personally do not believe that diversity can not be over come but it takes a lot of work and understanding which are two things that many people are not willing to commit to for the sake of making what they are working on together as a group successful.

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