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Effective Training

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Elysia Stephens
Week 11 and 12
Chapter 10

1. What is an orientation designed to do? What are the characteristics of an effective orientation? * The training model identifies the design inputs as the training needs from the TNA, the organizational constraints, and the training methods based on learning theory. For the hypothetical example, we have identified the training needs. Before determining what training methods to use, we need to consider the constraints. 2. How are organizations dealing with diversity? Are the methods effective? Why or why not? * The Bank of Montreal won the prestigious Catalyst Award for its effective diversity programs, promoted vigorously by its senior management. Then there is IBM; it developed a diversity program that resulted in an increase in black executives and female minority executives in about two years. Carrier Corp formed diversity councils in all business units. It develops diversity business cases to assist in training and has successfully increased the percentage of black people in executive positions. 3. What are the important components of an effective sexual harassment strategy? * Defining sexual harassment when it relates to a hostile environment is difficult, and care in determining what is enforceable is important. Those who develop and conduct training must not bring their own values into the training. Rather, they must present situations that are irrelevant and could quite likely lead to a backlash. 4. Why is team training necessary? What are the seven components of effective teams? What are some of the KSAs required of team members in effective teams? * Teams often produce innovative ways of reducing waste, improving quality and productivity. Teams are able to streamline processes and reduce the need for paperwork, and the like, thereby improving...

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