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Effectiveness of Makachili and Chili Pepper Extract

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Research Design
The research design used in the study is experimental. In this study, five treatments in three different trials were done using the materials to experiment.

Research Instrument


•½ kg Chili Peppers (sili)
•300g Makabuhay Stems
•1 Blender
•1 Measuring Cup
•4 Spray Bottles
•1 crackers/biscuits •1 Chopping Board •1 Knife •5 Containers •1 pair of gloves •1 Pitcher •1 clothe •1 facemask

In gathering Makabuhay stems and Chili Peppers (Sili), use knife to cut down some of it, remove the leaves, put Makabuhay stems in chopping board and put some chili peppers in blender. In collecting ants, use some food like rice to bait and to attract ants (insect) in the containers. When done collecting Makabuhay stems, Chili Peppers, and ants… we can go now in the procedure of doing the insecticide sprayer, in doing it first preparing for the Chili extract. Collect enough hot chili at least ½ kg. blend them with the blender. After the juice is extracted, add 25ml of water. Filter the chili extracts with filter paper and out it in a bottle or pitcher and set aside of it now, preparing for the Makabuhay extract. Collect some 300g Makabuhay stems. Chopped it into small pieces and then pound it with a mortar and pestle. Soak the pounded stem in 25ml water for 25 minutes. Take the stems out of the container and extract the juice. Mix the chili and Makabuhay extract in the pitcher. After all these, put the mixed Makabuhay and Chili Pepper in the spray bottle. (NOTE: If you have no filter paper you can use cloth as an alternative of it. To avoid being exposed to the solution, use gloves and masks)
The data for this research were collected using a survey questionnaire. The survey was created using suitable questions modified from related research and individual questions formed by the researcher. The survey was comprised of 4 questions, which were related to the participant’s perception regarding MakaChili Insecticide. In the questionnaire, Likert scale was used to determine if the respondent agreed or disagreed in a statement. The researchers assured confidentiality of their survey sheets since the identities are not important. The researchers also understood that people’s consciousness may also affect their honesty and effectiveness in answering the survey, and so, the researchers gave people the option of being anonymous. Participants were given time to respond and then the researchers collected the surveys the next hour. There were no incentives offered for participating in the research. Next, the researchers planned the questions that they would be asking to the interview. The researchers interviewed certain number of citizens in the population regarding MakaChili Insecticide.

Data Analysis

This data analyzed the effectiveness of MakaChili Insecticide. The left side presents the mortality rate of the insects (ants), and the down side represents the minutes of the effective time for MakaChili. MakaChili extract as an insecticide involves creating a number of repeated measurements to provide assurance that the analysis was supported out properly and to obtain the best evaluation of the value being measured.
Sampling Design

Statistical Treatment

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