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Effectiveness of Online Education Services Provided by Digital Bangladesh

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Effectiveness of online education Services provided By digital Bangladesh


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18.12.2013 Md. Ziaul Haque, Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University, Aftabnagar, Dhaka. Subject: Submission of term paper on “Effectiveness of online education services provided by Digital Bangladesh” Sir, I would like to submit my term paper on “Effectiveness of online education services provided by digital Bangladesh”. I have prepared this term paper on the basis of recent online education services provided by digital Bangladesh. I have also taken help from various website. I have tried my label best to complete this term paper meaningfully and correctly, as much as possible. I would be happy if you read the term paper carefully and I will be trying to answer all the questions that you have about the term paper. It is a great pleasure for me to present this term paper.

Yours sincerely, Group name: Miscellaneous Member’s name of group: M.K.M Waisulker Naieen, ID: 2013-1-10-241 Kanaya Pankti, ID: 2013-1-10-242 Asif shahriar Niloy, ID: 2013-1-10-255 Mahmuda Akter, ID: 2013-1-10-268 Tanvir Hasan, ID: 2013-1-10-213


This term paper is made possible through the help and support from everyone especially all the group member. Please allow us to dedicate our acknowledgment of gratitude toward the following significant advisors and contributors. First and foremost, we would like to thank our course instructor Md. Ziaul Hauque for giving us amazing topic for term paper. He gives us so simple and orderly instruction that we would be able to finish the work easily. Finally, sincerely thanks our entire group member, who provides the advice, opinion, source and support to finish this term paper. Otherwise, it would not be possible to finish the work without all of them.


Executive summary
This term paper is about “Effectiveness of online education services provided by digital Bangladesh”. It contains effectiveness of online learning, advantages and disadvantages, significance and importance of online. It is divided into 8 parts such as introduction, purpose of online learning, present condition of online learning, importance of online learning, significance of online learning, problem of online learning, recommendation for improvement and conclusion The first part of the assignment is introduction. It contains meaning of online education and small brief of online learning. Second part is purpose of online learning which includes why students are now wanted to study by online. Third part is present condition of online learning. It contains that recent day students are very much motivated by online learning. Third part is present condition of online learning which includes developing of online learning. Fourth and fifth parts are containing respectively importance of online learning and significance of online learning. These parts give elaborate description of importance and significance of online learning. Sixth part contains problem of online learning which gives different problem of online learning. Seventh part is recommendation for improvement which contains how this service improves their problem. And last part contains conclusion.


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Problem of Online Learning Recommendation for Improvement

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The term ‘online education’ means all forms of technology that enhances learning. Online education is the usage of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. At present Bangladesh has taken a challenge to create 'Knowledge based Society' and to ensure that our country is spreading online based education services throughout the country. Online education services include training, the delivery of just-in-time information and guidance from experts. These services are delivered, enabled or mediated by ICT (Information & Communication Technology) for the purposes of delivering education all over the country.

Purposes of online learning in Digital Bangladesh
Generally in our digital Bangladesh online education is seen as offering solutions to several challenges currently facing in education sector. Online education improves the quality of education by:  Providing access to a range of resources and materials which may not be available or accessible, for example graphics, sound, animation, multimedia.  Providing a student centered learning environment which can be tailored to meet the learning needs of individual students.  Providing attractive multimedia learning without any tutor.  Making it easier to amend and update materials.  Creating an environment that promotes an active approach to learning.  Reducing learning time.  Releasing time for more active, engaging and interactive forms of teaching.  Supporting increased communications between staff and students, and amongst students.  Providing frequent and timely individual feedback, through computer assisted assessment, and positive reinforcement.  Motivating students through appropriate use of interactive courseware supporting economic reuse of high quality, expensive resources  Encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning.


Objective of the assignment
The main object of the assignment is “Effectiveness of online education services provided by digital Bangladesh. The specific objectives of the assignment were to:

        

Introduction Purposes of online learning in Digital Bangladesh Present condition of the topic Importance of online education services in Digital Bangladesh Significant of online education services in Digital Bangladesh Related problem of online learning Recommendation for improvement Conclusion Reference

Methodology of the term paper
To make any research, methodology is very important, without adopting methods it is difficult to make any research. The outcomes are result depends on methods of topic. When I took decision to make this term paper I observed some methods like survey methods, case study methods etc. The techniques of data collection followed in term paper are questionnaire, uses of documents, tools, and different types of national and international reports. I also took help from different websites for much information. This study is not basic on, this study is originated from many books, articles which are written by prominent writers and also from information by internet browsing method which has been followed is this study are. 1. Concentrated study through many books, journals, articles national and internationals, 2. Collection of study materials with the help of concerning teachers, friends and group member. 3. Study and discussion with the concerned topic. 4. Collection of respective paper through internet browsing. 5. Contemplating over concentrated study. 6. Planning the whole term paper. 7. Prepared the term paper.

Present Condition of the topic
Now a day’s Bangladesh is developing its education sector. Online based learning is being more popular day by day. Education sector of Bangladesh is being digitalized. For example Khan Academy & Shikkhangon both of the websites are popular educational websites in Bangladesh. These websites help students in proper learning. This is a new form of learning. For this reason online learning is more attracted by the students. It is more interesting from as usual learning system. Students need to be updated. In this case they need to run with modern & updated version of learning. Online education services are an upgraded version of learning. Students of our country accept the new form and they become benefitted. By clicking they can easily get the solutions of their problems staying at home. They started to use the websites for learning. Not only learning but also they use the websites for getting the information about studying in abroad.

Importance of online education services in Digital Bangladesh
Now it is time to understand the importance and advantages of online education. Online education has been very beneficial for professionals and students who cannot afford to attend the classroom due to unavailability of time and money. The latest developments in the area of information and technology have made the use of these advancements, for dispensing education beyond the old systems of class room. This not only educates the students, but also makes them current on what is latest in IT. Top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges are doing a great service which is resulting in an economically sound society with better educated and skilled people. They are offering various kinds of online degrees, diploma and certificate programs to a multitude of learners which include a growing number of teens, adults and advance education students.


Significant of online education services in Digital Bangladesh
One of the most important aspects of online learning is the freedom. The education sector of Bangladesh has been suffering from many deficiencies including quality teachers, quality content and quality environment. So, at present great challenge faced by Bangladesh is to create a 'Knowledge based Society' and ensure that their citizens are equipped with knowledge and skill of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). There is potential that using ICT in the education sector, the costs can be brought down. It also improves the quality of education and imparts uniformity. If the country wants to enhance the concern over the significance and excellence of education then it is essential to expand educational opportunities to all, including most vulnerable group, like low income and less skilled people, girls and women, children out of school as well as illiterate youths and adults.

Problem of online learning
Disadvantages of e-learning that have been found to make learning less effective than traditional class room settings, include:         Potential distractions that hinder true learning Ease of cheating Bias towards tech-savvy students over non-technical students Teachers' lack of knowledge and experience to manage virtual teacher-student interaction Lack of social interaction between teacher and students Lack of direct and immediate feedback from teachers A synchronic communication hinders fast exchange of question Danger of procrastination


Recommendation for Improvement
Great strides have been made over the past few years in enhancing the capacity for online education and finding ways to broaden its exposure. The move to online education has been assisted on the demand side by high access levels to computers and the internet in many other countries such as Bangladesh. The online education has several advantages in promoting distance and open learning. Some of the important points are listed below:  Internet connections are very few, this model has high potential to attract large crowd, which helps to entrepreneur to be a part of online education.  People need to learn and go at their own pace.  Necessity high quality Internet infrastructure and networking will help to deliver high quality courses. CD-ROM training now offers movie-quality lectures by famous Professors that include a variety of quizzes and exercises.  Computers with high internet infrastructure will help to reduce the overheads as there won't be any recruitment, training, and up gradation of faculties.  Due to socio-economic conditions, large number of students still avoids schools; online education may involve them in studies.  Online education should provide the courses round the clock 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, which further attracts working peoples, students and even individuals in Bangladesh.  The courses provided in this model are having wide variety of courses based on IT and nonIT topics, which is an additional benefit to attract the large crowd from all the background in our country. In order to compete with the other countries Bangladesh is, increasingly relying on various forms of electronic delivery and communication inside a market place that requires education to be flexible. Online learning is being widely used in our country to digitalize it.


Effectiveness of online education services is very good for everyone; on the other hand it brings bad result also. It improved open access to education, including access to full degree programs, better integration for non-full-time students, particularly in continuing education, improved interactions between students and instructors, provision of tools to enable students to independently solve problems, acquisition of technological skills through practice with tools and computers. It creates consciousness about IT. One bad side is that students are more likely to be disengaged is that the lack of face-to-face contact makes it difficult for teachers to read their students' nonverbal cues, including confusion, boredom or frustration. These cues are helpful to a teacher in deciding whether to speed up, introduce new material, slow down or explain a concept in a different way. If a student is confused, bored or frustrated, he or she is unlikely to be motivated to succeed in that class. But the truth is, though it has bad effect, it is very much helpful for generation, student and for other people also.


1. Alnoor, M.Z. (2009). Role of Multimedia in Learning English Language: A Case Study. In Yixin, Z. (Ed.), Proceedings of 2009 World Congress on ICT for Development. Beijing, China: China Science and technology Press. (Page 8, 12) 2. Mahmud, M. (2009). ICT in Education: A New Milestone. Dhaka, Bangladesh: The Weekly Ekota, Vol-38, Issue 15, November, 2009. (Page 9) 3. Raihan, A. (2009). ICT for Development: The Immediate Doables. Paper presented in the Conference on Development with Equity and Justice: Immediate Tasks for the Newly Elected Government, Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 28-29 March, 2009: Centre For Policy Dialogue (CPD). (Page 10, 11) 4. The Daily Samakal, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Vol-5, Issue 331, January, 2010. (Page 11) 5. Tata. (2009). Mobile Education initiative launched by Tata Indicom in India. [Online]. Available from [Retrieved January, 05, 2010]. (Page 8) 6. UNESCO. (2006). ICT in Education Programme. ICT as a Tool for Achieving Literacy for All-Using ICT to Develop Literacy. Dhaka, Bangladesh: UNESCO. 7. (Page 10, 11) 8. (Page 13, 11)


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