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Effectiveness of Social Network in Marketing Campaign

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Effectiveness of Social Network in Marketing Campaign
Section I
Introduction to the Study

In an era where technology prevails, entrepreneurs as well as marketers see the need to keep up with the fast pace of change or risk being outdated. It is practically impossible to design a marketing strategy without considering social networks. Social network or social media had become really important factor in today’s marketing mix and in promotion mix. Adapting some form of marketing online through social media is a key node for all businesses, especially in an industry where trends constantly change such as fashion and handicrafts. Social network as a marketing tool and an effort has been made to analyze the extent social media helps consumers in buying decision making.
Social network is a must in effective marketing campaigns. It is really effective as a marketing channel in terms of brand recognition. With social networking, marketers find it easy to determine and gather the feedbacks for certain products or services offered based on customer's comments without sacrificing much costs and time compared to other marketing channels.
Social network also improved customer insights. By the reaction and comments posted by customers, you can gather information about what your customers are interested in. It also directly helps of what they think of your business which will give you an opportunity to improve a certain areas of your product or services.

In this stage we can surely say that social network is really helpful on marketing campaigns. Every actions we do, social media is a high presence on every one’s life which sometimes result to misuse of social networks. For instance, an average of over 1.3 billion monthly active users (Facebook, Statistics Brain Research Institute, 2015) was sign up to Facebook but how do we determine the fake accounts? And...

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