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Effects of Curricular Activities

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Factors that Affect the Learning Capacity of the Two Sections of Third Year Basic Education Curriculum Students in Panabo National High School S.Y. 2013-2014

Siew Lian C. Lee

Engr. Gerson D. Dumpasan
Research Adviser

S.Y. 2013-2014 ABSTRACT

This study assessed the factors that affect the Learning Capacity or the Academic Performances of First Two Sections of Third Year Basic Education Curriculum Students in Panabo National High School S.Y. 2013-2014.
This study examined the influence of School Facilities, Teaching Efficiency of Teachers, and Gender in the Academic Performance of students. The questionnaires are the main data gathering instrument and the records of grades of Third Year students.
The respondents of this study were the selected students of the two sections of Third Year BEC namely, III-Amethyst and III-Beryl.
This study answered the questions based on the respondents’ perception towards the condition and adequacy of the facilities in terms of library, laboratory and classroom, comfort rooms, gymnasium and canteens and the significant relationship of these facilities and academic performances of students. Also, the students perception in the Teaching Efficiency and attitude of their Teachers and the significant relationship of their level of perception and their Academic Performances. The significant difference of the Academic Performance of students having more Textbooks and students having fewer amount of Textbooks.


A major research project like this is never the work of anyone alone. The contributions of many different people, in their different ways, have made this possible. The Researcher would like to extend her gratitude especially to the following.
First and foremost, to God who gave them guidance and knowledge all over her study and for providing her strength for the...

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