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Effects of E-Learning to Academic Performance of Bbte-Itstudents of Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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Sta. Mesa, Manila
College of Education


An Undergraduate Action Research
Presented to the Faculty of College of Education
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Sta. Mesa, Manila

In partial fulfillment of the Requirement for
Bachelor of Business Teacher Education
Major in Information Technology

Prepared by:



Submitted to:

Course Facilitator

February 24, 2015



Chapter 1: The Problem and Its Background Introduction…………………………………………………………...………………….1 Statement of the Problem……………………………………………...….…………...2 Significance of the Study………………………………………………...…………….3 Scope and Limitation………………………………………………...…...…………….3

Chapter 2: Research Procedures Research Instrument………………………………………………...………...............4 Data Gathering Procedures…………………………………………………………....4 Statistical Treatment of Data…………………………………...……………………...5

Chapter 3: Presentation, Analysis, Interpretation of Data…………………………………..6

Chapter 4: Summary of Finding, Conclusions, and Recommendation...........................12


Appendices A. Survey Questionnaire B. Statistical Treatment of Data C. Curriculum Vitae


The researchers would to like to thank all the respondents, the faculty members of the College of Education, where their participation has been a great part of this research.
The researchers would also like to thank our parents who gave their undying supports in terms of financial and emotional for us to fulfill this requirement, as well as their…...

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