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Effects of Fraternity Involvement on the Social Behavior of the Selected Students in Sta. Cruz Laguna


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Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background

Introduction Fraternity is one of the most influential groups that students may encounter during his/her college days. When we hear fraternity, commonly it belongs to men but as the years passed, even women are also being engaged with fraternities or the so called sorority. As an individual, we have this feeling that we need to belong. It is very essential for man to find fulfillment and to have a feeling of acceptance simply because man by nature is a social being. Adolescents were the ones who are always involve in fraternities. Adolescents, as said by many psychologists or theorists, it is the critical stage of life. It is accompanied by many changes that bring crisis and difficulties, and these changes include physical, mental, emotional and social. Physical changes were very visible and very observable thing that takes place during adolescence. But the social aspect of adolescents also changes. It is the time when an individual searches and identifies himself through socialization. The prior environment of every individual is the family. But as we continue to grow, it broadens extending to friends and peers in school. Adolescents begin to search for new friends and start to form or join any group that makes them think of joining one of these. Adjustment in the society is one of the most difficult aspects and includes the members of the opposite sex and adult outside family members and also the school environment. Being placed on a new environment might be difficult and a bit shocking for an individual. College is a whole new environment for an individual. Which is one step into adulthood and needs for social development. In this stage, an individual starts to dream, and have aspirations in life but not everyone shares the same level of interest in the hope of completing a degree, since there is a need for

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