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Effects of Poor Communication in Els Language Centers

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Effects of Poor Communication in ELS Language Centers


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Effects of Poor Communication in ELS Language Centers

One of the basic differences between human beings and the rest of creation is the ability to communicate. Communications enhances human beings to convey their ideas and thoughts with one another effectively. In all the aspects of human activities, communication is crucial (Udegbe, 2012). Effective communications helps businesses in a myriad ways. First, it enhances clear expectations. Effective communication promotes the establishment of clear expectation for the different parties involved. For instance, effective communication helps the employees to know their organizational expectation such as improving sales levels (Peng & Litteljohn , 2001). Secondly, effective communication promotes relationships in organizations. Clear communication enhances strong relationships between individuals in an organization. Strong relationships are achieved through exchange of crucial information and provision of feedback thereby building trust. Thirdly, effective communication improves teamwork. Effectively communication of organizational goals enhances teams to work together to achieve a common objective. Consequently, performance and satisfaction within an organization improves tremendously.

The number of English language learners (ELL) is significantly increasing throughout American public schools. It is estimated that this number will hit ten million by the end of 2015 and almost a quarter of all public school students will be an ELL by the year 2025 (NCELA, 2007). However, learning in ESL centers faces major challenges that negatively affect the quality of learning (Hong-Nam & Leavell, 2006). One of the major impediments is poor communication skills among the key players. These include the learners, tutors, and parents (Gandara,...

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