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Social media is a place where we spend the most time in than anything else we do daily. Do you spend most of your time on social media? Do you spend less time on social media? Do you even care about social media? Many people out there believe that social media is very helpful in our society nowadays. On the other, hand social media can do many harmful things to society. The three reasons that show they are harmful is that they lower confidence, hurt social skills, and they hurt your mental health.

Ways that show that social media is harmful to us and especially children and teens is that it lowers your confidence. In the source: My Secure Cyberspace, "Think Time: Teens and Social Networks" They state that, "39% of teens get cyberbullied". Which explains why a lot of children and teens confidence is lowered this day and age. In the same source My Secure Cyberspace states, " Contributes to a new era of mental stress.' This is another supporting factor that social media is lowering confidence. This explains and helps us understand why social media lowers confidence.

Social media can hurt social skills that are very needed to be able to interact with others on a daily basis. From My Secure Cyberspace, " Think Time: Teens and Social Networks" The video says that 79% of teens spend their
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Like people do not think that peoples confidence is lowering cause of social networks, and they think it is very minimal that social and health get go down because of the internet. Since there is a lot more positive things to do in the internet like meeting new people, finding relationships, getting goods form the internet. Also it is easier for sexual minorities to find their mates online easier than ever before; however we cannot ignore the fact that there are bad things that are happening in the web itself. So that is why we need to take in consideration the problems that is happening even if they are

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