Effects of Social Networking Site to the Study Habit of the Students

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The Effects of Social Networking to the study habit of the High School Students in MMCA school year 2011-2012

Aira Joy R. Jabay

Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background


Internet is very influential to the students. The young generation as well as adult are becoming keen in internet. They use it everyday in communicating with their friends and relatives, researching for their assignments, projects, and report, playing games, and downloading music. It is a way to enjoy everyone who is looking for stress free recreational activities. Social networking sites is one the factors that influences the high school students academic performance. Website is a collection of related web page which contains images and videos. Like some Social Networking namely; facebook, twitter, tumblr, myspace, et.al. Facebook is the most popular Social networking sites which is active 24 hours. There are more than 800 million facebook active users. Philippines is in the 6th place in the usage of the site which is more than ½ of our population is active using facebook. Facebook is very entertaining social networking site because of games, chatbox (like yahoo messenger), and many more. Some students are addicted facebook users because it is influencial to the mind and user friendly. There are some advantage and disadvantages in using social networking sites. If you will sign up to log in a certain site they have a requirement that you be 18-above. Because young children have innocent mind and they don’t have much broad mind to think what will happen if they use it they must be guarded.

Background of the Study

As a concern student you must know what is happening to their surroundings especially in the school who is involve in any duplicity. Some high school students nowadays don’t study their lessons and working on their…...