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Effects Of Stress Towards Safety

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Title: The effect of stress towards safety in workplace.
1.0 Introduction In this research, researcher wants to investigate the effect of stress towards safety in workplace between gender range of ages, status and position of worker. Besides that, in this research, researcher wants to deliberate the factor of stress toward safety and health in workplace. Researcher also will to consider the intervention to help the worker manage job stress in workplace.

1.1 Background
A worker is an important asset to the organization. Every time the employees faced stress ultimately affects their Stress is a common and normal phenomenon among of workers in workplace; however it is something that should not be taken lightly. Blaug,
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To determine the factor of stress towards safety in workplace
2. To investigate the symptom of stress towards safety in workplace
3. To investigate the intervention to help the worker to coping with job stress in workplace

1.4 Research Question
1. What are the factors of stress towards safety in workplace?
2. What are the symptoms of stress towards safety in workplace?
3. What are the interventions to help the worker to coping with job stress in workplace?

1.5 Hypothesis

Ho1: There is no significant the effect of stress towards safety in workplace between gander of workers
Ho3: There is no significant the effect of stress towards safety in workplace between range of age of workers
Ho5: There is no significant difference the effect of stress towards safety in workplace between positions of worker
Ho7: There is no significant difference the effect of stress towards safety in workplace between statuses of workers

Ho9: There is no relationship between the factors of stress towards safety and the interventions to help the worker to coping with job stress in workplace
Ho10: there is no relationshipbetween the factors of stress and the symptoms of stress towards safety in workplace
1.6 Conceptual
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Moreover, this study expected to help the organization and worker know about the symptom of stress that able to affect safety. This study also to exposure the intervention to helpworker released their job stress and help the organization to take the action to help their workers reduce their job stress.
1.9 Definition of Term

1. Stress
Stress is a personal experience caused by pressure or demands on an individual, and impacts upon the individual’s ability to cope or rather, his/her perception of that ability

2. Job stress
Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that
Occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources,
Or needs of the worker

3. Safety
Relative freedom from danger, risk, or threat of harm, injury, or loss to personnel and/or property, whether caused deliberately or by accident.
Stresses and changes in the environment for maintaining an inner equilibrium called homeostasis.

5. Workplace
A workplace is the location at which an provides work for an employer. The workplace is located in a variety of settings including offices, manufacturing facilities or factories, stores, farms, out-of-doors, and in any location where work is

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