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Effects of Students Behavior That Affects Their Academic Performance Among the 3rd and 4th Year Students of Krislizz International Academy 2011 – 2011

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A comprehensive mission of schools is to educate students to be knowledgeable, responsible,

socially skilled, healthy, caring, and contributing citizens. This mission is supported by the growing

number of school-based prevention and youth development programs; Yet, the current impact of these

programs is limited because of insufficient coordination with other components of school operations

and inattention to implementation and evaluation factors necessary for strong program impact and

sustainability. Widespread implementation of beneficial prevention programming requires further

development, professional development that prepares and supports educators to implement programs

effectively, and systematic monitoring and evaluation to guide school improvement.

Cultural influences impact behaviors of students and may contribute to failure in schools for minority students. According to Gault and Murphy (1987), many American schools claim to practice c

ultural pluralism, but in reality all students are expected to fit into the white middle class culture.

Students with different cultural backgrounds, values, and skills than those generally valued by

American schools may be perceived as incapable of performing according to the school's standards.In

addition to the assumptions described above, some commonly accepted myths about minority children

become barriers to their access to quality education. Much research in recent years has focused on identifying the key factors that promote

academic success among students whose demographic characteristics and school circumstances

place them at high risk of failure. In large part, this research has addressed the characteristics of

individual students and school settings that are optimal for success. Literature largely supports...

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