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Effects of Study Habits to the Academic Performance of Accounting Management Students at University of Batangas Lipa

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Introduction Education is the process through which an individual is developed into individuality and a person into a personality. Each person is different from the other and every individual has some unique potential in some field or the others. Education does not simply refer to the numbers of years an individual spends in a school or college or in any educational institution. It refers to the change in behavior, attitude and culture brought about in the individual as a result of his having undergone education during a particular period. Thus, the main characteristics of any educational process are to bring about the best in the Individual. The basic problem today in education is the problem of motivating the students to learn at all levels. The tremendous explosion of knowledge makes it impossible for anyone to keep himself abreast of times even in one’s own sphere of knowledge, unless he develops the habit of careful and well planned study any educational evidences raised on foundations of lacking breath and depth of knowledge becomes unfounded and unsteady. The process of learning is influenced by a variety of personal factors such as sensation and perception, fatigue attention, age study habits, self perception, attention, Intelligence, attitude etc. Study habit serve as the vehicle of learning and self perception is a key factor in learning, or major production of education, nor that it exerts an all pervading influence in human behavior. The construct of the self-perception is now considered to be a major outcome of Education, childhood, socialization and child rearing practices as well as influencing consequent response to those influences (Burns 1982). Azikiwe (1998) describes the study habit as “the adopted way and manner a student plans his private readings, after classroom...

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