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Effects of Technology on High School Education

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Effects of Technology on High School Education
Educational technologies always improve and expand student’s access to new information and also encourage their attempt to make meaning. There is greater access for all students and teachers teaching and learning through the use of social media, assistive technology devices, virtual learning academies and online curricula. Frequently half of the teachers did not use technology in teaching and learning according to the experiment carried out by Fouts and Abbot (2001).
Due to the capabilities and support provided by technology students can now able to tackle more complicated assignments. It also links students with different things, places and people. Most of high school students can now access to computers in their classrooms and also most teachers can also use computers and internet for instructional and report purposes. When educational opportunities are integrated, geographical divides, gender and racial are leveled because of technology. Physical and Psychological problems can affects students that spends too much of their time in front of computers. Most high schools may have enough computers butt they may not use them in the best manner to enhance teaching and learning. Some programs are designed poorly that they lack an instructional foundation, absence of alignment between desired learning results, any purposeless application of technology in schools affects the success of technology effort.
It greatly relies on the level of structure, planning, preparation and evaluation on the effects that technology will have on learning. Without appropriate goals and objectives, trained and skillful deliverers, structures for its application and envisioned plans for evaluating its effectiveness, technology may mean little.
Lai,W,Collis, B.A. (1996).Information technology and children from a classroom…...

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