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Effects of Tv on Children

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Have you ever wondered how TV effects yourchildren?Have you ever wondered the reason why your children can’t hear you when they watch TV?Hundred of arguments can be made on the topic that are the advantages of TV worth taking the disadvantages,but it is certain that all around the world no matter what parent’s social status,religion or nationality is,they let their children watch TV because TV has a big role in our lifes.Although the negative results of TV may not be visible in a short-term,TV is a real danger for our children’s lifes with it’smany negative results. There are several negative effects of TV on children. First of all, one of the negative effect of TV is that TV effects children’s physical development. Studies have shown that children who watch TV for more hours are more likely to be overweight. In fact, the study results are not surprising. Half of the commercials encourage children to eat unhealthy foods such as chips, candies especially high-calorie foods. Commercials have a big influence on children’s bad eating habits because children are unable to distinguish program content from commercials especially when a cartoon character is promoting the product. For example, in order to introduce the product ,Pingui,advertisers used a cartoon characters and made the characters talk with each other. After this commercial ,the sales amount of Pinguiis increased because they’d drawn children’s attention.Furthermore, children who watch more TV, are more likely to be overweight because they have less time to do physical activity which helps them to keep theirs psyche’s fit like exercise and playing games. To illustrate, a child prefers watching a basketball game on TV instead of playing a basketball with his friends outside.TV also leads to some problems about sleeping which has a big role for children’s physical development. Because of TV, some children have poor sleep because they prefer watching late shows and stick to TV instead of sleeping well. When children have sleeping problems, it affects their daily lifes and may cause lack of concentration which is vital for a school-age child. It is also known that watching TV before bed makes it more difficult for children to fall asleep. Another negative impact of TV is that it is harmful for children’s social development. It is said that children learn bad habits much faster than good ones and there are plenty of risky behavior on TV. If a child sees people drinking or smoking on TV, he may think that it is normal to adopt such habits as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using drugs. For example, In USA,every year kids see close to 2,000 commercials for alcoholic beverages on TV and they may believe the messages in alcohol ads. Besides, violence on TV affects children’s social development. Most of TV shows even cartoons have plenty of violent behavior. For example, one of the children’s favorite cartoon Tom and Jerry consist lots of violent behavior. Tom always does dangerous and aggressive things in order to catch Jerry, but these scenes are funny for children because due to sound and visual effects. These funny-horror scenes are very harmful for children because they may think that one can jump out of the window or get in the fridge and no one dies. On the whole, if parents let their children watch TV, they could make their children happy in a short-term but, the negative consequences like being overweight, having sleeping problems or bad habits will occur in a long-term. When a child deals with being overweight or sleeping problems or wonders that what is smoking like or fails in school exam, parent won’t think that it’s because of TV but it is mostly because of TV. As a result, parents should be aware of consequences of TV and take precautions like setting limits, watching TV together or talking to kids about what they see on TV in order to decrease the effects of TV.

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