Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

Microsoft Access has become more user friendly over the past few years; it has more tools and is very simple for a person to learn, even if they have never used the program before. The system has easier add, subtracting, and also is easier to change data that has previously been entered. Access gives the ability for more than one user to update tables at the same time, and gives the option to create more than one report from the same data. Access stores data in tables that look like worksheets, but are designed for complex querying in relation to data stores in other tables and locations. Access also allows you to use structured query language, to quickly retrieve just certain rows and columns of data that you may want for a report, even if that particular data is part of another table.
By converting our data that we currently have in Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access it will give us the opportunity to track different areas of our business in more ways than one. It will also allow us to effectively maintain our reports to ensure better production and customer satisfaction.
Using Microsoft Access as the database for our company is beneficial for so many reasons. For instance, with an access database file, several users can work in the same file at the same time, multiple users, from different computers; can work on an Access database simultaneously. One person could add records to the Customer table while another could create a query based on the Product table. Access also provides two utilities to help protect the data within a database: Compact and Repair and backup. These two functions both help protect our data, Compact and repair reduces the size of the database. Backup creates a duplicate copy of the database. Access provides us with many tools that we can use to identify and extract only the data needed at…...