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Efficiency in Business

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Subject: Migrating from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access
Thank you for taking the time in this manner. As the head tutor/assistant manager at Shamrock Tutoring, I have noticed various ways and tools we can utilize in order to increase productivity and efficiency in some of the ways we process information. Currently we are using Microsoft Excel as our knowledge database. This program has proved useful and effective for quite some time. We use Excel to schedule appointments, store clients various information, keep track of tutor hours, marketing, sales, and advertising. I believe our database has outgrown this system and it is getting too difficult to search, access, and store information. There is a better way. Microsoft Access is a much better tool to handle the different forms of information we use at the workplace. While Excel is a great program for storing numerical values and creating lists, Access is a better tool for textual information along with numerical data. With Microsoft Access, we can import our whole database from Excel. We can then create various forms to input new information such as new customer information, new tutor information, and schedule changes to name a few. Searching for information would become more efficient through the use of queries and filters to find exactly what the user is looking for at the time. Updating invoices and developing templates for various other forms would become more productive. I understand changing systems may seem confusing and frustrating in the beginning, however, with the proper training and experience, you will find that using Access will become easier. Users will see how much more efficient using this software will be and improve customer support. Access makes data input much more easier. Shamrock tutoring uses Excel, currently, to store information; however, if one needs to change or...

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