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Efficient Managerail Structure

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Developing Efficient Managerial Structure

Executive Summary

As per the famous saying “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall in a ditch “ , Every team needs a good leader who they can trust well , get their problems resolved and someone who can lead them into the right path. Lack of good leader to a team always de-motivates the team and they need someone showing what’s right and what’s wrong.

The following case study is a good example of one such case where employees working in organization needed a good leader who can guide them into proper direction , whereas they ended up having multiple supervisors with no technical knowledge and ultimately of no help to them. This case study also explains the problems faced by the employees where they were asked to perform different tasks by different supervisors, which was purely lack of communication among the management team.

Introduction: Having good blend of expertise in all the knowledge areas of a project is key to success.

Comapany X Nitro is one of the leading IT consulting firms around the globe today which undertakes various kinds of software application projects from the clients fulfulling their demands/requests. Most of the projects are undertaken are web based IT applications for various clients , often including e-commerce based financial sites .
Comapany X doesn’t limit itself to any kind of technology which marks as an edge over rivalries in the IT industry , and it bagged itself some of the big clients (Web based projects) like American Airlines , Delta etc .

In Typical IT based consulting firms , they grab exciting new projects from clients where all the companies sell themselves claiming the credits/merits they have proving their abililities to prove themselves. Often before earning a project , a company often checks it’s resources available to fullfill clients expectations. Once it

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