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ACCT 230 Managerial Accounting Office: JH3208
Spring 2011 Phone: (818) 677-2424
James Chiu, Ph.D., CPA, CMA Email: Hours: 14:00- 15:20 T.TR. 18:00-19:00 W. and by Appointment

Prerequisite: ACCT 220

Required Text: Brewer/Garrison/Noreen, Introduction to Managerial Accounting, 5th Edition (McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., 2010)

Course Objective: Management accounting information system is designed to satisfy three broad objectives (1) To provide information for costing out products and services, (2) To provide information for planning, controlling, evaluation, and continuous improvement, and (3) To provide information for decision making. The purpose of the course is to learn the fundamental concepts and procedures necessary for the understanding and use of management accounting information for managerial decisions. The emphasis is on the use of accounting information. Effective management requires a sound understanding of how to use accounting information for decision making. The following topics will be discussed: Major differences between Financial and Managerial Accounting Ethical standard for management accountants Cost terminology and concepts Cost objects, cost flows in manufacturing or services operations. Job order costing and process costing Activity based costing and management Cost behavior and analysis—absorption vs. variable costing, cost driver analysis, statistical cost estimation, CVP analysis using contribution margin approach. Profit planning and budgeting Cost analysis for tactical decision making Standard costing and analysis Cost analysis for performance measurement and evaluation Relevant costs for short-run...

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