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When the figure description stated “more food is available to those societies that eat lower on the food chain”, it meant that if people were to be on a primary vegetarian diet, 10 people can get their recommended caloric intake of 2,000 directly from a producer, because plants can produce 20,000 calories. If people consumed nothing but second-order consumers – such as the cow in pyramid ‘A’ – then that would only feed 1 person as the cow only produces 2,000 calories. With the benefits of eating lower of eating of the food chain, I do believe it has convinced me to change my diet. Leaning more towards a vegetarian diet would improve my health.

Carbon Cycle
There is a two-step process in which the carbon cycle goes through. One step involves photosynthesis and the second involves respiration. Certain organisms go through certain processes. For example, all plants go through both photosynthesis and respiration; whereas fungi and animals only undergo respiration. Carbon that is emitted from plants is cycled to the atmosphere and back into the plant. As plants undergo photosynthesis, they use radiant energy to transform water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates that contain high energy molecules. During their respiration stage, the plants then convert the carbohydrates back into water and carbon dioxide, thus releasing the energy that was used to make the carbohydrates in the photosynthesis stage. When animals undergo respiration, they eat the plants, convert carbohydrates into water and carbon dioxide, and is then exhaled into the atmosphere by...

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