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Developing Thinking Skills
Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Today science does not understand how life originated. The better science understands the nature of the problems associated with the origin of life the more mysterious life’s origin becomes.

In the midst of arguments over evolution and intelligent design, it is amazing how many in society including the very educated, believe that scientists had already created life in the laboratory. No such thing has ever happened.

All that scientists have done is genetically engineer already existing forms of life in the laboratory, and by doing this scientists have been able to produce new forms of life, but they did not produce these new life forms from non-living matter. In my opinion, even if scientists ever do produce life from non-living matter it will only be through intelligent design or planning so it still wouldn't help support any theory of life originating by evolution. Again, science cannot prove that we are here by either chance or design, but the scientific evidence can be used to support one or the other. But how will we know if expensive lawyers are being paid to make sure the experiment is never conducted?

With that in mind, it is only fair that evidence supporting intelligent design be presented to students alongside of evolutionary theory. No one is being forced to believe in God so there's no real violation of separation of church and state. Why not enliven this with a student debate on contrasting theories? Why not have an intelligent design advocate stop by science class to be interrogated? Many students, like me, find it hard to understand evolutionary theory, and the scientific method itself, until they are illuminated by contrasting points of view.

Each of the articles cited has a detectible bias. However, they were written objectively. The only fact that was left out is that if science explains the mystery of life’s origin, most people will still believe in God.

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