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Eg481 Project Part 2

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Project Part 2
This research and overview provides awareness of global warming and how our planet’s atmosphere is overloaded with heat trapping carbon dioxide (CO2), which threatens wide-ranging disorder in climate with devastating consequences. Global warming is an environmental issue that affects human health, ecosystem, etc. and this study is summed up into basic responses and opposing viewpoints.

I. What are the causes of global warming?
• CO2 emissions and increased concentration of greenhouse gases
• Human activity is causing the Earth to get hotter
• Global warming is a natural occurrence of nature
a. Deforestation and natural resources are part of the earth’s cycle
b. Negative conception due to media
c. Lack of scientific evidence
II. Global warming causes serious concern.
• Record-breaking extreme weather
a. Severe droughts
b. Damaging wildfires
c. Rising sea levels, warmer temperatures
d. Heat waves; diseases
• Clean Air Act (CAA), Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Water Act (CWA) that addresses pollution from sewage systems and storm water run-off
• NRDC examines long-range consequences if issue is not addressed
III. Solving global warming will improve our lives.
• Set practical and feasible limits on global warming pollution; in accordance with EPA standards
• Think “green”
a. Smart cars
b. Public transportation
c. Communities and buildings
d. Stricter efficiency requirements for appliances
IV. Curbing climate change
• Administration’s National Climate Action Plan
a. Technologies are more commonplace now
b. Creation of jobs and economy growth
c. Clean up of existing fossil-fueled power plants
• Legislation and federal action affecting environmental issue
V. What are the global warming response requirements?
• Compose an economy that is healthier, stronger, and sustainable
• A standard that:

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