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Egg Baby

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Egg Baby Reflection

Having an egg baby this week has impacted my thinking of having a baby at this age. My experience with my egg baby was positive, but it had its negative sides. It was positive because I got to decorate it making it individual and the process of making the egg itself was fun. Also, I like how a lot of people had an egg and we had to treat it like a real baby; taking care of it, finding a babysitter if needed, it made me feel responsible. But that leads to the negative side. It was negative because I had to carry it around everywhere I went including each class. It’s fine at home, but in school it can be a hassle to carry it around because people try to snatch it out of your hand, try to break it, and your hands are already full with books or binders so it was a little uncomfortable and pretty easy to drop the egg. If I had a child as a teenager, it would impact all my areas of health, meaning I won’t be able to balance all parts of the health star. First, it would impact my life physically, because I would lose my amount of rest from always getting up at night, I would always have to change diapers, feed the baby, and I may not even have time to feed myself! I would also have to teach my baby or help it and bring it almost everywhere with me. During pregnancy, I would gain weight, it would be harder to do things, and I would feel sick because my body is still not grown up, so my body would give the nutrients to me first or I wouldn’t have enough nutrients for both me and the baby. If I had a child it would also impact my life socially. It would impact my life socially because my relationships with people may falter or disappear completely. This is because my parents may not want to support both me and the baby and would be really disappointed in me or they may support me and help me with the baby but the disappointment will still be there....

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