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Egypt air introduction Egypt’s strategic location between Asia and Africa on the route between the Mediterranean basin and India and China made it an important hub of international trade.
Egypt’s ambition is to develop its air cargo sector into a larger and more profitable industry with Cairo International Airport serving as a successful international cargo hub.
The major objective of the national strategy for air cargo is to stimulate and to develop a financial & healthy air cargo industry in Egypt in the long term.

This requires all airports with modern, well organized and operated cargo facilities and that’s what “Egypt air cargo” tries to implement in this field.
First, Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from the point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.
But as we all know that Logistics is the backbone of supply chain of any company so today In this project Let’s discuss how Egypt air starts investments in this career and how it extended its business to include the managing and operating of other related projects , then let’s talk talk about Borg el Arab airport and the logistical activities in it determining the whole processes which is done to the cargo starting from the structure of “the cargo village building” and the steps made by its crew in declaration of it till it reaches the other airport even if it is going to be an export or an import then moving to the IATA book which is used in the system of the terminals of Borg el Arab airport then the participation of EGYPT air lines to star alliances showing the benefits of joining them together and the difference between Egypt air and Borg el Arab airport and finally, we will talk about the Egypt air competitors and how this company enters a new services and sets its strategy to defect them. History |

EGYPTAIR CARGO founded in 2002, is one of the EGYPTAIR holding Company Groups. EGYPTAIR ( as Mother Company ) established May 7th 1932 as the seventh airline in the world to join IATA Since its foundation in Egypt, EGYPTAIR CARGO has been on the forefront of transporting and handling general and special cargo. Building on this experience; EGYPTAIR CARGO fleet is composed of four medium range with wide body, Two A300B4F and two A300-600F, the bellies of EGYPTAIR passenger planes are a significant capacity added to EGYPTAIR CARGO air transport capability, as EGYPTAIR flies to around 70 international major cities in Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, The Gulf area and far East. in addition the capability to operate charter and ad-hoc freighter flights. EGYPTAIR CARGO established its First cargo terminal in May 1981 with a 50.000 sq. m area and a capacity of 120.000 tons/year (an additional area of 9600 sq.m has been recently added to Cairo cargo terminal to improve the cargo flow and increase capacity). In September 1991 another cargo terminal at Alexandria International Airport was established with a capacity of 20.000 tons /year to better serve the northern region of Egypt. Surface transportation from Cairo cargo facility to Alexandria cargo facility is available. Both terminals are connecting their operations through a surface transportation in addition to the domestic flights.
In February 2006 another cargo terminal at Luxor International Airport was established sharing 50 % with The Egyptian Company for airports with a capacity of 20,000tons / year to better serve the southern region of Egypt. EGYPTAIR CARGO now boasts a team of more than 1400 employees serving more than 40 international airlines and more 80 cargo agents.
EGYPTAIR CARGO is expected to double its storage capacity within the next two years in the poem of the national strategy as EGYPTAIR CARGO has a significant role in developing and in succeeding to operate Cairo international airport as a HUB airport. its main cargo Hub is located in Cairo International Airport; it developed several regional hubs at Ostend Airport at Belgium , Hahn Airport at Germany, Sharjah Airport UAE, Nairobi Airport and Bangkok Airport at thailand, and regional point at Malpensa Airport at Italy, Istanbul Airport at Turkey, Khartoum Airport at Sudan, Addis Ababa Airport at Eithiopia, Manston Airport at United Kingdom.EGYPTAIR CARGO has extended their business to include the managing and operating of other related projects like the Perishable Center at Cairo Int’l Airport in conjunction with the HEIA (Horticulture Export Improvement Association) Community. |
About Borg El Arab airport
Borg El Arab International Airport is an airport serving Alexandria, Egypt. It is located about 40 km (25 mi) southwest of Alexandria, in Borg El Arab (alternate spellings: Borg Al Arab, Burg El Arab). The airport also serves the nearby areas of the Nile Delta.
In 2009, the airport served 371,605 passengers (+96.5% vs. 2008).
Borg El Arab is the principal airport of Alexandria starting December 2011 after the closure of Alexandria International Airport due to a major re-development program that will take two years in development.
Borg El Arab Airport had a major expansion in terms of the airport's passenger and cargo handling capacity in response to growing demand and the new facilities were inaugurated in 2010.

Now , we will describe the terminal buildings and how they affect on the continuality of the transferring process

Cargo terminal building:

* Cargo terminal in Borg el-Arab airport external structure is divided into import and export inventories both buildings are related to each other these buildings are high equipped and also its internal structure consists of high value inventory (precious inventory) for diamonds, money and jewelries. * And there is another building called (dangerous inventory) for dangerous goods like chemicals and explosive materials.

* Finally there is an inventory for refrigerating dead bodies and it is considered as cargo but the airport considers it as an isolated type of cargo as it is transferred from a specific gate which is made for dead bodies.

Transferring process: We will move to the beginning of transferring cargo starting from classifying the type of cargo: * Bulk cargo * Living cargo * Valuable cargo

Each type of cargo has a different way to deal with it , for example: bulk cargo will pass on weighting only , living cargo requires a speed treatment at which it will pass directly leaving any of these steps ,and for valuable goods it will be treated by passing these steps then it will finally stored in valuable inventory.
Then Checking the cargo by putting it inside the checking device (x-ray device) .
Then weighting the cargo for the safety of the plane .
Then Putting the serial number and the label on it to identify it and to identify its owner . after all these steps the passenger or the shipper will not be responsible for the shipment , the airport and the cargo terminal building will be responsible for it until it reaches its final destination .
Now we are going to talk about how the transferring x-ray device process of the cargo to the plane is going to happen .
The gates of the cargo handling terminal to be finally will be open to the run way of the air crafts or cargo air crafts , after short time a car will carry the shipment to the plane .
The run way of the cargo plane is different from the runway of the passenger plane, the cargo plane runway contains a specific type of stands to facilitate the cargo loading process. We can’t deny that technology have a big impact on instruments used as forklift, bags and carts, these equipments are all automatic and the last and the newest thing of which any customs broker will have it is a machine which have a large data base with numbers of the cargo , weight , even on which flight and plane this cargo will be on .
As a logistics manager, the most important part that comes first is the process that made on transferring cargo in Borg el Arab borg el arab there is a place which is called “cargo village” only concerned with the delecration of cargo even imported or exported and it is divided into two parts : first, export part , and second, the import part- the inverse way of the process of the export steps).

System the cargo terminal building using :

(IATA) is made by the agreement of the international airport organization.
All the previous inventories are based on (IATA) it is like an instruction at which it determine the regulation for transferring cargo for instant and will also be responsible for determining the price of transferring the whole goods.
It also determine the weight of cargo , the place at which the cargo is kept even in case of dangerous cargo , high valued cargo , life cargo like animal or plants .
(IATA) is considered as an odet to measure the quality of dealing with cargo .

star alliance agreement :
Egypt air has joined star alliance which is applied in passenger and which will be applied in cargo in 2013 but until we join star alliance we will use stuff home working dealing with both checking the accuracy of the documentation the cargo including the weight and the value.
The agreement include an insurance policy with the customer.
Star alliance has joined many air companies to each other like Lufthansa, KLN, and Egypt air.

(IATA) made some specification for pricing the cargo , these specification must be applied for all cargo handling companies .
Some companies don’t apply these specifications due to high prices which is made by the (IATA) regulation .

Egypt air compitators :
Example for the competitors: DHL , UPS , FEDEX , etc……
There is a little comparison between them but we observed that Egypt air is a little way different, for example: all competitors provide door to door service but Egypt air provides airport to airport service.
All the competitors they deal with Egypt air as shipping companies domestically they receive the cargo from Egypt air and provide it to the door of its owner .
If any disaster occurred on board of the aero plane such as an accident due to the overweight , they will make an investigation knowing the label and it’s owner the number of the cargo and the reason of the accident .
Finally now a days planes can carry from 45tons of goods and cargo to 75 tons but there is one special plane called mentn of this plane can carry 250 tons of cargo we can say that technology has a great impact in air transportation and Borg el-Arab was the evidence that it was built instead of el-nozha airport and the cargo terminal building started working in 19/2/2012. Borg- el- Arab is ready now to receive big cargo planes but it doesn’t have its own planes .

Services :
EGYPTAIR CARGO Provides Handling Services Via its huge Cargo facilities

* for the General Cargo
We handle and carry all types of general goods such as engines , petroleum machinery , cars , mails and print materials.

* for the Live Animals
Sufficient space is available for live animals storage and away from main working ar ea (Excessive noise, light, drafts and extremes temperatures are avoided) Suitable space for transshipments.
All equipments for handling transshipment are available and ready-for use on board our Aircrafts.

* for the Perishables Fruits & Vegetables:
In our 180-cubic meters and 16 pallets facility allocated to fruits and vegetables , you can rest
A ssured that your produce will maintain its appealing color , texture and taste for longer period. Deep-Freezer Service Available:
In our 150-cubic meters deep freeze storage area guarantees that your sensitive frozen shipments such as seafood or processed foods are well taken care of ..

* for the Dangerous Goods
They are not dangerous when handled with expertise.
EGYPTAIR's competent , licensed, well-trained staff ensures proper acceptance, loading ,handling and safe transport of your most dangerous cargo by making sure that every aspect of each consignment compiles with the established international rules and regulations.

* Surface Transportation Within Egypt
Surface transportation is available for both export and import shipments between terminals and complex within pounded closed trucks to facilitate surface transport of goods to its final destination .

EGYPTAIR CARGO is pleased to offer its customers a new service on EGYPTAIR flights and other airlines served by EGYPTAIR CARGO; The new service aims to facilitate documents delivery and customs clearance through EGYPTAIR CARGO terminal in Cairo airport, and surface transportation within Egypt, Through well equipped trucks , providing convenient space, volume, load and refrigeration besides competitive rates.
These services could be summed up as the following:- -Export and import customs clearance Cairo airport -Trucking service to/from within Egypt

In the end of this report I would like to finalize what I have been talking about we could see that there is a great difference between Egypt air as a company and Borg el Arab as an airport and to show how complex these processes are determining the hard work made by the collaboration between Egypt air company and Borg el Arab Airport and then the new modifications that done by Egypt air to join such an alliance and the gain from this joining , We could even conclude that after all these processes are done in the exact way to be done this will implement the 7R which are right place , time , quantity etc… which will increase directly customer satisfaction and the rates of Egypt air company will increase even in market share or its growth.

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