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Ehr in Home Health

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Electronic Health and Medical Record

in Home Health

Nathaniel J. Reid

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) in the home health setting in the United States. “EHR” and “EMR” are often used interchangeably. However, this paper will discuss the differences between an EHR and an EMR. It will cover the benefits and disadvantages of the EMR in the home health setting. This paper will also cover the potential costs associated with the use of the EMR in the home health setting. Finally, the paper will discuss the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) of an EMR in home health.


I. Introduction

a. Purpose

b. Explanation of terms

II. Background

a. Home Health Care

i. What is it

ii. History

iii. How it is changing

b. Health Informatics in Home Healthcare

i. History of informatics in HHC

ii. Current use of informatics in HHC

iii. Benefits of informatics in HHC

III. Comparison of EMR/EHR

a. Definitions

b. Settings used

c. Differences

d. Similarities

IV. Implementation of the EMR in Home Health

a. Feasibility

b. Cost

c. Equipment

d. Staff Acceptance

V. Conclusion

a. Summary of benefits/disadvantages

b. Cost

c. Implementation

d. Recommendation for implementation for EHR/EMR in Home Health

Electronic Health and Medical Records in Home Health


Healthcare policy and practice increasingly focuses on the aging baby boomer population and their elderly parents. There is a continual shift by this population to look...

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