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Ehtics and Compliance Paper

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Ethics and Compliance Paper for Disney Corporation
Team A
FIN 370
July 13, 2011
Steven Russell

Ethics and Compliance Paper for Disney Corporation
The role of ethics and compliance that Disney Corporation commits to in accordance to their financial standards promotes conducting their business with the highest standards of business ethics, rules, laws, and regulations, which Disney Corporation has adopted Code of business conduct and Ethics for Directors Code. Directors have guidelines that consist of four basic guidelines such as, representing the interest of shareholders of the Walt Disney Company, display commitment, high standards of integrity, and independence of judgment, devote time, and energy to guarantee the diligent performance of his or her responsibilities, and complying with every condition of this code. Another major responsibility that Disney Corporation commits to is integrity in the company’s financial statements; compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements; qualifications and independence of the Company’s independent auditors; and performance of the company’s internal audit function (The Walt Disney Company, 2009). The Disney Company will review with management all financial reporting issues, which includes analyses of any effects of alternative GAAP methods on the financial statements. Disney Company’s internal control has an effective system that promotes the reliability of financial and operating information, which complies with applicable laws, regulations, risk management, and company policies. The internal controls inquire of management auditors and Company’s independent auditors that review any adverse financial reports or material control deficiencies of proposed corrective actions.
Procedures to Ensure Ethical Behavior Walt Disney Company, also known as Disney, which is known worldwide and with having to keep...

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