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Einhard: the Life of Charlemange

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Einhard: The Life of Charlemagne | October 24
| Adrianne Jacobs Western Civilization 77303 Word Count: 927 | Ashlee Graves |

Anchorage Woman Part of Archaeological Discovery
October 24, 2012
An exciting discovery is being celebrated half way around the world today. Ms. Ashlee Rose of Anchorage, Alaska was working with a field crew on the restoration of the Palatine Chapel, in Germany when a great historical document was unearthed.
The document was a narrative written by the Barbarian, Einhard; a fostered son as well as loving and loyal subject to King of the Franks, Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great. This piece of history was Einhards endowment to the legacy of his great king.
It was once quoted by the Roman Orator, Cicero, “It is an outrageous abuse both of time and literature for a man to commit his thoughts to writing without having the ability either to arrange them or elucidate them, or attract readers by some charm of style." (Einhard) However some might receive Einhard recount as a disorder of written expression, Ms. Rose described it as, “a romanticized account of a glorious life, which leaves the reader with a little more hope for the compassions of men.”
The account of Charles’ life, as written by Einhard recounts the glory of his reign by beginning with the kings’ delegation of power. Pepin, Charles father, had ruled over the Franks for 15 years before dying of dropsy in September of 768. Upon his death, Pepin consecrated his power to his two sons, Charles and Carloman. Pepin named them both kings, and mandated that they divide the country equally between them. Peace came with great difficulty at the persuasion of Carlomans court, however after only two years of reign, he died of disease. Charles was then elected unanimously, as King of the Franks.
Some of Charles greatest achievements in life were through his military…...

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