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El Alamein

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INTRODUCTION : What is El Alamein?

-El Alamein is a printing and packaging company that is family-owned, started by Mr. Ahmed Abou Reida, also the CEO. Egyptian company covering a variety of packaging applications.

-The company is working in manufacturing and printing all kinds of packaging materials made of paper, board, plastic, and aluminium foil.

-This company’s produces some paper cups for cold and hot drinks as well as ice cream packages with their different shapes and sizes and more.

Some Products Produced:

-Founded in 1921, El Alamein is one of the leading companies in the Middle East in the printing and packaging industry. With (HQ) located in Alexandra, Egypt. Occupies an area of 40,000 sqm. and employs more than 700 employees.


1) ISO 9001 - Quality management system. 2) ISO 14001 - Compliance certificate for environmental management system. 3) ISO OHSAS 18001 – Occupational health and safety management system. 4) BRC/IOP – The production of legal and free of contaminants packaging materials.

-Since 1921, El Alamein Co. led the revolution of the printing and packaging industry in Egypt.

-El Alamein is the approved supplier to the biggest international companies in the fast food industry.

* Problem Challenges:
-There isn’t a reliable infrastructure, network, servers, storage or PC’s.

* Effects:
-Lost orders, inaccurate inventory, and lack of integration between functional departments.

-Until June 2006, the company had never had an IT department and relied with separate PC’s with end-user designed excel sheets to facilitate the work duties.

-July 2006, the CEO decided to go digitally. Established several infrastructural components such as computer...

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