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Eldridge V. Libridge Court Case

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Mr Eldridge should be found guilty of the murder of Mr Armes. Even though the defense claims that Mr. Eldridge is innocent, he is not, all of the evidence points toward him committing the crime. First off there was no sign of a break-in, therefore it's an inside job. Mr. Eldridge also had a motive, he was denied a raise a few days before the murder, and at the crime scene the safe was found open, Mr. Armes and Mr. Eldridge were the only ones who knew the code to the safe, and Mr. Adams was dead at the time of its opening, therefore it leaves no one to have opened the safe.

To begin, the investigators, claimed that during their investigation there was no sign of a break-in, if there was no sign of a break-in, that means that someone with a key was the one to commit the crime. One of the very few people with the key to the restaurant was Mr. David Eldridge. Mr. William Warden testified that he was out in his car, William Warden being the other person to have a key to the restaurant. If Mr Warden was in his car, leaving one person to commit the crime. …show more content…
Eldridge, even though mad about no raise, didn't want to kill and only wanted to collect his belongings after quitting, but according to William Warden, Mr. Eldridge entered the building 2 hours before Mr. Armes was found dead, Mr. Warden also testified that he heard screens coming from Mr. Armes an hour before the body was found. Mr. Warden also testified that Mr. Eldridge was the last person known inside the building. This doesn’t help Mr. Eldridge’s claim that he didn’t commit the

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