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Eleanor Roosevelt's Journey of Change “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot”(BrainyQuote) this quote was said by Eleanor Roosevelt during her husbands term. Eleanor greatly effected the United States politically, socially and economically. Eleanor Roosevelt made change politically by fighting for women's right to vote. Socially, Eleanor made women more excepted into everyday society wether it was in the work force or being equally judged by other citizens. Economically, she made changes because she helped women get equal labor laws and opened a furniture factory that employed many people. Lastly Eleanor Roosevelt set outstanding standards for future first ladies to meet. Eleanor Roosevelt was a women who fought for women's right to vote, women acceptance into everyday society, economically she made changes that greatly effected the women's work force and finally Eleanor set new standards for future first ladies. Equal rights for women were uncommon in the era of Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor fought strongly for women's voting rights. The Treaty of Versailles was passed by the House of Representatives. This took a great amount of work on Eleanor's part she joined various organizations such as the League of Women Voters, the Women's Trade Union League and the Women's Division of the Democratic State Committee. Belonging to these various organizations that focused directly on women allowed her to gain a great knowledge all around. Eleanor held the first known press conference that only women could attend as well as only women reporters could attend. She held this conference mainly to establish herself as well as to promote the New Deal. The New Deal was to expand the role of women in public life and was also but in place to strengthen the economy do to its slowly decreasing state. At this conference women could speak their minds about what was currently going on and what they thought would help with their topics of concern. The main topic that was spoken about was political issues relating to women. The press conference went over well and gave Eleanor a better reputation as a first lady. The press conference changed the world by giving Eleanor a better understanding of what problems and concerns female citizens had without the women feeling anxiety or pressure from men being in the room. International Congress of Working Women was an organization that set standards for women who work and the environment they work in ("Eleanor Roosevelt and the Women's Movement."). They went around the world and promoted the new standards as well as spoke about what they were. They newly set standards were that women can work eight hours a had and had maternity leave. Eleanor was present at there first meeting in Washington D.C. She was a volunteer who provided translating to delegates. While speaking with delegates she became extremely supportive of there issues. The issues that were brought up had an important effect on Eleanor Roosevelt. That had such an effect that it lead to her joining The effect on Eleanor Roosevelt lead her to draft the section of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that concerned labor and society("Black History Review."). Eleanor gave a speech relevant to her newly drafted sections of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Her speech focused on how there are many places that are too small to be recognized but to the people who live there that place is their world. She said this when giving her speech “Such are the places where every man, woman, and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerted citizen action to uphold them close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world" this quote from her is showing that she understands what little things must be done before the big picture can come together(Resources for Speakers, Global Issues, Africa, Ageing, Agriculture, Aids, Atomic Energy, Children, Climate Change, Culture, Decolonization, Demining, Development, Disabilities, Disarmament, Environment, Food, Governance, Humanitarian, Refugees, Women.). Eleanor next took employment into her own hands. Eleanor Roosevelt was committed to reversing the plummeting unemployment rate. She had several plans in order to do so. She first began by thinking about the future. She began the National Youth Assembly also known as the New Deal("Eleanor Roosevelt Biography."). This would offer financial aid to the youth to attend college. This would make it easier for jobs to be filled because a larger population of people who have the degree for the job and less people would be going after the lower income jobs that require none or minimal college degrees. On the job training was used in federal funded work projects. On the job training would give participates skills that could be put to good use in the future. Eleanor thought that if you prepare for the future you won't have to worry about these problems. Eleanor's next plan of action was to open the Val-Kill furniture factory to make new jobs in the community. She and her fellow friends opened the factory and hired the youth and women as well as rural workers. The factory was mainly build because of the decline in farming that left gross amounts of people unemployed . The factory opened various job opportunities. Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of Franklin Roosevelt when he went into office in 1933(Eleanor Roosevelt Biography). When he went into office Eleanor automatically knew she was going to be like past first ladies. While he was in office he became seriously ill and it came to a point where she had to be his eyes and ears. Being his eyes and ears for any other person would be a steep challenge but not for Eleanor Roosevelt. She traveled the states to evaluate the moods of citizen and collected their opinions on how president FDR was doing in office. Eleanor understood the common woman and men which gave her a advantage against other political figures in her time. Although in the long run she lacked factual information. Her overall compassion for people by passed her lack of knowledge. Eleanor Roosevelt expanded the standards of being a first lady incredibly. She was the first of all first ladies to do a significant number of new things. She was the first lady to speak in front of an only women crowd(Eleanor Roosevelt and the Women's Movement). She was also one of the first first ladies to put her valuable time and effort into World War I by volunteering. Eleanor Roosevelt mad her name for herself instead of having her husband do it for her. She put in just about as much time working as Franklin Roosevelt did. She followed political news and information as much as he did and she was just as toned in as him. Over all she made a name for herself that will never be forgotten do to the fact that she was one of the greatest women of the twentieth century. During the time of World War I Eleanor found herself spending long days volunteering with soldiers and supporting them("American Experience: TV's Most-watched History Series."). Eleanor would spend as many as fifteen to sixteen hours a day volunteering at local hospitals that soldiers were brought to for care after injury. Her visiting the soldiers gave them hope that all was going to end well and that the government did care about them. She would also make them meals and knit them sweaters. She made them a recreational room so that in their spare time they could have fun and enjoy laughter with fellow soldiers. Eleanor Roosevelt was more than just a first lady she was a women who cared about her people and was concerned about others before herself. Eleanor Roosevelt was the most significant women of the twentieth century because of her understanding and caring qualities. She once said “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”(BrainyQuote) this quote means that you should always try to do new things and not hesitate to do them. Eleanor Roosevelt was much more than a First Lady, she was a leader who allowed her husbands term to better herself and use her resources that were available. Eleanor achieved her goal of equality for women when she wrote sections of the Universal Declaration of Human Right. Then she tackled the unemployment issue and put a long lasting and future plan into her planing of a solution. She made a plan for graduates to be able to work at their ideal job without having to worry as much when it comes down to the payment of student loans with financial aid. Next she set new standards in the White house for future First Ladies to attempt to live up to in their husband's four year term. Finally she volunteered throughout World War I and that gave soldiers a boost of support from the government that they were looking for. The outcome of Eleanor Roosevelt's achievements in various categories allowed her to spread her knowledge throughout eat of the categories for an over all better understanding. In conclusion, Eleanor Roosevelt's strived for the change fellow citizens were looking for, her accomplishments by far allow her to be the greatest women of her time.

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