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Semester | Program | Division | Course # | COURSE NAME | Spring 2016 | Elective | ACC | ACC7500 | Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis | Spring 2016 | Elective | ACC | MBA9520 | WEALTH MANAGEMENT I & II | Spring 2016 | Elective | ECN | ECN7555 | Health Economics | Spring 2016 | Elective | ECN | ECN7550 | Business Strategy and Game Theory | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7500 | NEW VENTURE CREATION | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7510 | ENTREPRNRL FINANCE | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7520 | MANAGING GROW BUS | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7547 | Women’s EPS & Leadership | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7530 | M&A FOR ENTREPRENEUR | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7552 | EPS AND THE GIG ECON | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7574 | MKTG FOR ENTREP | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7575 | VENT GROWTH STRAT | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS8573 | ENTREP INTNSTY TRACK | Spring 2016 | Elective | EPS | EPS7520 | Managing Grow Business | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7502 | CAPITAL MARKETS | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7503 | EQUITIES | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7504 | RISK MANAGEMENT | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7511 | CORP FIN I:RASNG CAP | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7513 | FIXED INCOME | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7516 | CORP FIN II:EVAL OPP | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7517 | FIN & VAL SUSTNBLTY | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7518 | Managing Portfolios | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7565 | RE INV FUNDAMENTALS | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7572 | BABSON COLLEGE FUND | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7573 | INVESTMENT BANKING | Spring 2016 | Elective | FIN | FIN7578 | RE DEVELOPMENT | Spring 2016 | Elective | MATH | QTM7571 | Bus Intel, Analytics, Visualization | Spring 2016 | Elective | MATH | QTM9515...

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...BUS 528. Strategic Financial Analysis. (3). This course is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to exploit the richness of information available from financial statements. Upon completion of the course, students will have an appreciation for the usefulness and limitations of financial statements in asset valuation and credit analysis, and should be aware of much of the research that exists concerning the role of financial information in capital markets. Prerequisites: BUS 521, BUS 531, BUS 551 and BUS 591. BUS 528. Стратегический финансовый анализ. (3). Этот курс предназначен, чтобы предоставить студентам навыки, необходимые для использования богатство информации, доступной из финансовой отчетности. По окончании курса, студенты будут иметь признательность за полезности и ограничений финансовой отчетности в оценке активов и кредитного анализа, и должны быть в курсе большая часть исследований, что существует, о роли финансовой информации на рынках капитала. Предпосылки: автобус 521, 531 BUS, BUS 551 BUS 591 и. BUS 552. Real Estate Finance. (3). This course provides students with an introduction of the application of financial principles to the discipline of real estate. Students should leave this course with an understanding of: investment property analysis and evaluation, commercial real estate and single-family housing loan underwriting, real property valuation, the real estate capital markets, real estate ownership structures and taxation. BUS...

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...Why to choose PYRAMID as your elective subject? At University of Applied Sciences Augsburg almost every bachelor’s degree course student has to do some elective subjects in addition. They are called AWP that’s a generally elective subject or FWP that’s an elective subject especially for the faculty, in which you are studying your bachelor´s degree course. So for us, studying International Management, The Faculty of Business is our faculty. One of the elective subjects which can be chosen is: PYRAMID. Pyramid is a student union which organizes one job trade fair for students every year. In May 2013 there have been 167 companies on this trade fair who offer jobs, internships and places for writing the bachelor thesis. So why should you choose PYRAMID as your elective subject? There are a lot of reasons why: * You get to know lots of students from other faculties. Last year pyramid we had over 70 students organizing Pyramid. * You get in touch with the staff manager of many companies. * Many personnel manager will appreciate your dedication. * You get a lot of experience. * You get 2 credits. * There are some teambuilding events every year to form the new teams. Last year we have been to a hotel in Aschau. This year we are going to Garmisch. * And you can climb the ladder of success. (At Pyramid there are 8 teams.. for example Team IT, Team Design, Team Eventplanning… And every team has a team leader and approximately 10 team members.......

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...SEATTLE PACIFIC UNIVERSITY School of Business and Economics BUS 6220 CRN 43797 Office: McKenna Hall 205 Financial Analysis Phone: 281-3523 Dr. Herbert Kierulff Hours: Th. 1-6 and by appt. Classroom: McKenna 111 "…value reflects only our opinions and not the true worth of the things themselves." Francisco de Osuna, Third Spiritual Alphabet COURSE OBJECTIVES: By the end of this course you should be able to demonstrate greater competence in: * Doing short and long term financial planning and budgeting, strategic analysis and decision making under conditions of rapid change and uncertainty. * Applying the fundamental and practical principles of valuation to pricing and to real investment opportunities. * Gathering information, separating relevant from irrelevant factors, selecting and evaluating relevant options with regard to their consequences, and selecting and defending a course of action. * Conceptualizing complex issues and reducing them to coherent written and oral statements. * Integrating valuation and investment analysis with the other functional areas of business administration including business processes and information technology. * Working effectively in......

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...Proposal for Electronic Media Sponsorship “INTER SCHOOL BUSINESS CUP 2013” Annual Quiz Competition Organized by The Future Marketers Association Department of Marketing Management University of Kelaniya The Department of Marketing Management The Department of Marketing Management is a part of the Faculty of Commerce and Management of the University of Kelaniya. It currently offers a Bachelor of Business Management Marketing Special Degree - B.B.Mgt (Marketing) which is a sought after degree program by students and has positioned itself as a dynamic, innovative and market oriented academic body, committed to produce graduates who are armed with knowledge and skills to face the challenges of society and the industry. As a result of this multi disciplinary approach, in addition to a comprehensive academic program, the Department puts much emphasis on the practical training of undergraduates in the industry, encouraging and urging the students to participate in various workshops, guest lectures by eminent industry personnel and by themselves organize and carry out events such as the Inter School Business Cup. As such, the Department joins hands with private sector at the undergraduate level itself to conduct its activities and also solicits help from them to sponsor some of its activities where funds are not present. The Profile of Future Marketers Association (FMA) The Future Marketers Association (FMA) is a formally structured student body in the University of Kelaniya......

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...ADVERTISING TERM REPORT ON PIZZA HUT MARKETING PLAN & AD CAMPAIGN Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 HISTORY 2 INTRODUCTION 3 PIZZA IN PAKISTAN 3 Mission Statement : 4 Vision: 4 Objective & Goals: 5 Current Market Situation: 5 Other Leading Brands: 5 OBJECTIVE: 6 Segmentation: 6 Target Markets: 6 Positioning: 7 SWOT ANALYSIS: 7 Strength: 7 Weakness: 7 Opportunities: 7 Threats: 7 MARKETING STRATEGY: 8 1. PRODUCT 8 2. PRICE: 8 Pizza Hut Iftar Deal 2011 – All you can Eat 8 3. PLACE: 8 Pizza Hut Iftar Deal 2011 – All you can Eat 10 Advertising Strategies: 11 Media Strategy : 12 1. Television 12 2. Radio 12 3. Newspaper 12 4. Internet 13 5. Outdoor 13 Campaign Evaluation 14 1. Measure Sales Of New Products 14 2. Conduct Survey 14 3. Focus Groups 14 TOTAL CAMPAIGN BUDGET 14 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The word "pizza" may be a derivative of the Latin word "picea", a Roman word used todescribe the blackening of bread in an oven. The word "pizza", in its current spelling emerged sometime in the middle Ages. It was used to describe both the sweet and saltypies that were becoming popular among Italian aristocracy. Pizza is basically a meal prepared in a plate made of bread. There are four main components of a basic pizza pie. There are different objectives of every organization. In order to achieve these objectives different targets are set. Targets pass down the hierarchy depending on the nature of the......

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...The electives in many schools are in jeopardy of being lost. Many schools either do not have enough funding for them, or it is the increasing testing demands by the school? These electives should be kept not only for the student’s wanting to be in them, but the electives that they wish to get rid of (music and arts) are actually beneficial to children academically and as a person. Many schools are wanting to get rid of electives as a way to meet the increase in passing the tests at the end of the year. They want the students to focus more on the classes and the test preparation courses for those tests. They think that getting rid of the music and arts electives will help this. They are actually wrong with this mindset. Students in the music and art classes actually learn better than those who are not. They also score better scores due to their better ability to learn. Therefore, they are not really helping the children do better on these tests....

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...“….it seems to me that we are moving in the direction of an elective dictatorship,” so said Lord Hailsham in 1978 [The Dilemma of Democracy]. Is this an accurate assessment of the UK system of government/constitution? Dictatorship can be defined as a form of government where political authority is monopolised by a single person or political entity, and exercised through various mechanism to ensure the entity’s power remains strong. Dictatorship is a type of authoritarianism, in which which politicians regulate nearly the behaviour of normal people. Dictatorships and totalitarianism generally employ political propaganda to decrease the influence of proponents of alternative governing systems as is the nature of nationalism of any governing systems. An “elective dictatorship” (also called executive dominance in political science) is a phrase popularised by the former Lord Chancellor of the United kingdom, Lord Hailsham, in a Richard Dimble by Lecture at the BBC in 1976. Elective dictatorship refers to the fusion of powers of the executive and the legislative; where the legislative is drawn from the executive therefore resulting in the dominance of the executive over the legislative. The executives majority in the House of commons reinforces the executive dominance. Elective dictatorship occurs in conjunction with this situation and that of the governing party, the executive. The party in power will by definition have more seats i.e more voting power than all the......

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... 2014). A caesarean section is an operation to deliver a baby through the lower part of the abdomen. An elective caesarean section means it’s a planned delivery in advance, before the onset of labour begins. An elective caesarean section has become a popular choice of birth, and the number of caesarean section births in the UK are on the rise “the caesarean rate has increased by 0.7 per cent to 26.2 per cent (166,081) in 2013-14. Elective caesareans has risen by (2.5 per cent)” (NCT, 2014). Elective caesareans are normally only offered to women with a medical reason; although any expectant mother can now request an elective caesarean section. Under new guidelines set out by ‘NICE’ every expectant mother will be entitled to a caesarean even if there is by no means a medical need of one (Mail Online, 2011). More so if the expecting mother is happy to accept all the risks to both herself and her unborn baby, a consultant cannot refuse her choice. Reasons to why an expectant mother would be offered an elective C-section would be for; obstetric history (previous caesarean sections, interval pelvic floor or anal sphincter repair). Currant pregnancy events, (significant fetal disease likely to lean to poor tolerance of labour, multiple pregnancies, placenta Previa). (Marshall and Raynor, 2014). There are many factors to why a woman would choose to have an elective section, some are only given the option for a caesarean section due to high medical needs. Some have a......

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...22 Ramamoorthy KG et al./Journal of Acupuncture and Herbs 1 (2015)22-31 Acupuncture for Prophylaxis of Intrathecal Morphine Induced Itch in Elective Caesarean Delivery: A Randomized Controlled Double Blind Study Karthik Ganesh Ramamoorthy FCARCSIa*, Mohammed Ibrahim MRCSb, Nasir Z. Ahmad FRCS, MMScc, Kevin Bailey FFARCSIb, Paul O’ Connor. FFARCSIb a. Department of Anaesthesia, Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai, India b. Department of Anaesthesia, Letterkenny General Hospital, Letterkenny, Ireland c. Department of Surgery,Letterkenny General Hospital, Letterkenny, Ireland Received: August 3, 2015 Accepted: August 19, 2015 Abstract Objective: The objective of this prospective randomised double blinded placebo controlled trial was to assess the efficacy of acupuncture for prophylaxis of intrathecal morphine induced pruritis in patients undergoing Elective Caesarean delivery. Methods: After ethical approval and informed consent parturients scheduled for elective Caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia with intrathecal morphine, were randomised to receive acupuncture (Group 1) or sham acupuncture (Group 2). In Group 1 acupuncture was applied unilaterally at the Quchi acupoint for 30 minutes before initiation of spinal anaesthesia. In Group 2 sham acupuncture was applied at a non – acupoint 2 cm lateral to Quchi for 30 minute before initiation of spinal anaesthesia. The primary outcome was the incidence of pruritis and the secondary......

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Science of Psychology programs, concentrations or cognates. Please refer to the list of approved general education requirements at before enrolling in general education electives. GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS (42 hrs) Course Foundational Studies (18 hours) ENGL 101 ENGL 102 MATH APOL 104 INFT 101 Composition & Rhetoric 1 MAJOR (39 hrs) Grade Course Core (24 hours) Hrs Sem Grade Hrs Sem 3 3 3 3 3 3 PSYC 210 PSYC 255 PSYC 341 PSYC 354 PSYC 355 PSYC 371 PSYC 430 PSYC 499 Developmental Psychology Introduction to Research Psychology of Personality Statistics for the Social Sciences Statistics in Psychology Theories in Counseling & Psychotherapy Abnormal Psychology Internship Crisis Counseling Cognate (15 hours) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Composition & Literature Communications Elective Math Elective (MATH 115 or higher)2 Contemporary Worldviews Instructional Tech. for Online Learning Investigative Studies (24 hours) Natural Science Elective History Elective 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 CRIS 302 CRIS 303 CRIS 304 CRIS 305 CRIS 306 Foundational Principles of Crisis Response Acute Stress, Grief & Trauma PTSD & Combat Related Trauma Trauma Assessment & Intervention Complex Trauma & Disasters 3 3 3 3 3 PSYC 101 General Psychology General Education Elective Humanities Elective PHIL 201 BIBL 104 THEO 104 1 2 Philosophy & Contemporary Ideas Survey of Biblical Literature Introduction to Christian Thought ENGL 100 (minimum grade of C) is a......

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...Bachelor of Science – Major in Computing and Information Systems Four Year (120 credits) 2015/2016 Program Requirements - Effective September 1, 2015 This program plan will assist you in planning your program. You must follow the official program requirements for the calendar year in which you are enrolled. Please contact the FST Student Success Centre for program planning assistance. | | | |Course Level Legend |Course Progress Legend | |JUNIOR / JR - 200 numbered course |TR - Transfer Credit Awarded | |SENIOR / SR - 300 or 400 numbered course |C - Completed AU Course | |PREPARATORY - 100 numbered course |IP - In Progress AU Course | | | | | | | | |LEVEL |TOTAL |COURSE |REQUIREMENT |COURSE |COMMENTS | | |CREDITS | | |PROGRESS | | |Junior ...

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