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Electonic Commerce

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Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)
Chapter 1: Introduction

o Background information
Electronic commerce has revolutionised the entire process of business operation and transaction itself in the day-to-day business. The growth of electronic commerce is mainly with the technological advancements and the innovative methods of sales and conducting transactions over the Internet. Alongside, the increase in the competition and the continuous globalisation of the business organizations with the presence of conglomerates both at the national and international markets has created the need for electronic commerce as an alternative to leverage growth in business and generate revenue. Retail sector in the UK accounts for a major portion of the nation’s annual revenue. The increase in customer demand for new products as well as the flexibility for shopping online, the electronic commerce has made a tremendous impact in the actual form of retailing itself.
In this report, the author aims to analyse the impact of electronic commerce over the retail sector and the extent to which electronic commerce has reached the general public.

o Aim and Objectives
The aim of this report is to analyse the impact of electronic commerce on TESCO Plc: the leading retailer of the UK. The research is accomplished through the following objectives

• To analyse the growth and impact of electronic commerce in the business society of the UK.

• To research the effect of electronic commerce on the retail sector as a whole

• To conduct a case study analysis on TESCO Plc using secondary data resources

• To conduct a primary research analysis on the electronic retailing approach of TESCO Plc

• Critically analyse the impact of the electronic commerce on the entire retail sector.

o Justification for the research
The increase in the competition and the globalisation with...

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