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ec5.4 Health & Safety
The addition of electric drive and large battery packs introduces several new potential hazards to the transit bus workplace. These hazards include electric shock, chemical burn, and explosion due to hydrogen build-up. All three hazards can be managed through a variety of design, monitoring, operational and maintenance procedures. Standards have been developed through National Electric Code (NEC), Federal Transit Authority (FTA), National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHSTA), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and others. Committees are working on several areas where holes exist in the standards.2 5.4.1 Electrical Shock
There is a danger of electrical shock with any motor vehicle should a mechanic or passenger come into contact with a live circuit under normal or fault conditions. With hybrid-electric buses, contact can come from electricity during battery charging (AC current) or discharging (DC current). If contact is made, the extent of injury will depend on the size, duration, frequency, and wave shape of the current. Conventional diesel buses make use of 12/24vDC and 220/240vAC. Hybrid drive buses operate at levels of power up to 400vDC and 600 amps. However, the risk of electrical shock can be mitigated through proper engineering, labelling, and safe maintenance practices.
SAE standards have been developed to minimize electrical hazards associated with the design and manufacture of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. The NEC and EPRI have developed standards to safeguard against shock from occurring during battery charging. For a complete list of regulations, standards and recommended practices, see Appendix C. These documents make use of critical safety systems such as electrical isolation, insulation, grounding, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), and personnel protection systems to ensure safety in...

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