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Electric Smile

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Electric Smile
Five years ago I took my dentist’s recommendation and switched to an electric toothbrush. After experiencing the difference and electric toothbrush has had on my mouth I wouldn’t switch back for anything. Electric brushes make my mouth feel cleaner and have caused my dental check-ups to go much smoother. I haven’t had a cavity since I switched! Electric toothbrushes are basically like having a mini dental office cleaning every day. Though healthy teeth and gums are important and easily maintainable, many people do not follow the simple, yet sometimes tedious rules. In fact, they are always looking for an easier way to maintain their oral health. The electric toothbrush was invented in 1961 by General Electric. “The use of a powerful, compact motor and rechargeable battery leads to the introduction of an automatic toothbrush and is the forerunner of the development of other handheld appliances such as hair dryers and an electric slicing knife” (Dedicated). Electric toothbrushes come in many shapes and sizes, allowing the user to choose one that is most comfortable, while also providing an easier, more efficient, and affordable way to keep a clean and healthy mouth. Electric toothbrushes come in a wide variety, allowing the user to find one fitting his or her needs. There are basically two types of electric toothbrushes: sonic heads and spinning heads. Sonic heads vibrate from side to side. A spinning head repeatedly and speedily rotates in one direction and then switches to the opposite direction, all while the bristles continue to pulsate in and out. Electric toothbrushes come in an array of handle sizes and grips. The heads of the toothbrushes also come in different shapes and sizes. The type you purchase is based on personal preference although buying an electric brush because of its looks or style may end up being a waste of your money. Make sure it is comfortable to hold and easy to use. “Most have built-in 2-minute timers that either signal or shut the toothbrush off after 2 minutes, plus ”quadpacers” that signal every 30 seconds so that you spend an equal time on each quadrant of your mouth” (Consumer Reports 2010). The timers allow you to brush the recommended two minutes simply and effortlessly. Some children’s brushes even play music until the desired time has been reached. The timer alone is reason enough for many people to use electric toothbrushes, its one less thing for them to have to keep track of, especially for children.
The price of an electric toothbrush varies from $15 to $130, depending on its’ features. “A higher price is likely to get you settings such as sensitive (gentler cleaning) or massage (gum stimulation), a charge-level display, or a travel case” (Consumer Reports 2010). Like most products, you get what you pay for with these toothbrushes, although there are many styles that are affordable and just as efficient, if used correctly. “Most makers suggest replacing brush heads every three months, which boosts the cost” (Consumer Reports 2010). The heads should generally be replaced every 2-3 months. “But two in five readers surveyed use their brush five months or more before buying a new one” (Consumer Reports1992). Replacement heads can cost from $3 to $18, depending on the brush used. Don’t let the price detour you from purchasing one, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results and most manufactures have a money back guarantee if not satisfied.
“Using an electric tooth brush is not a guarantee you will have healthy teeth and gums” (Lohrey).You must follow the guidelines set by the American Dental Association. “2 to 3 minutes is the recommended time, though most adults, when timed, routinely make it to just about 1 minute” (Clark). Although electric toothbrushes are much more superior to a regular toothbrush, no toothbrush can replace flossing. “According to studies, which focus on the brush’s ability to reach the interproximal spaces (the small triangle of space that you can see between teeth at the gum line) and the deposit removal (DDR), specific electric toothbrushes significantly out-do manual toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes may also be useful if you have shoulder problems which cause you to be unable to move as freely, such as arthritis. In some cases, the deposit removal and access to interproximal spaces reduces what would e a 6 - minute manual brushing exercise down to 2 minutes with an electric brush” (Clark). Electric brushes have a higher chance to reduce gingivitis and bleeding of the gums. Bad oral health can affect or contribute to multiple diseases and conditions, including: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease. Debauched oral health may even affect a woman’s pregnancy and the birth of her the baby, sometimes causing a premature birth or even low birth weight. Electric toothbrushes defiantly make cleaning hard to reach areas much easier than a regular toothbrush.
Although the electric toothbrush mostly benefits its’ user, there are some downsides to electric toothbrushes. If you tend to brush your teeth heavily while using an electric brush, you can damage your gums. This may also cause your enamel to wear down which may allow your teeth to become sensitive to temperature. Though an electric brush may seem to do all the work, you must still use it as if it were a manual brush. Movement is the key to reaching all areas of your mouth. “The American Dental Association recommends daily flossing and brushing twice a day” (Lohrey).
“The American Dental Association used to hold that any toothbrush can potentially clean teeth well. But now the ADA has been convinced that, for most people, an electric toothbrush does in fact take off more plaque that a regular toothbrush” (Consumer Reports 1992). The American Dental Association have placed their seal of approval on many electric toothbrushes and suggest you purchase one that is up to their standards.
In a survey that I created, ten people were asked questions pertaining to whether or not they use an electric toothbrush, how well they like it, and if they would recommend it to a friend. The ten people were random, five participants being male and the other five being female. The average age of the males was twenty-one whereas the average age of the females was thirty-five years old. The women tended to lean toward more electric toothbrushes than the males, with a total of eighty-percent using them compared to the males’ sixty-percent. A total of seven out of the ten participants use the electric toothbrushes. The seventy-percent that do use electric toothbrushes claim that they cleaned better than a regular toothbrush. All the participants that use an electric toothbrush also said that they would recommend them to a friend and that they would not switch back to a regular toothbrush given the choice.
Seven out of ten people would recommend switching to an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes almost always clean better than a regular toothbrush while also making the user feel more hygienic and giving their mouth better oral health and sharper appearance. Dentists everywhere as well as the American Dental Association recommend using an electric toothbrush, for it benefits you in more ways than a regular toothbrush. Personally, I believe that electric toothbrushes have allowed me to feel more confident about my oral health. Electric toothbrushes are easier to use than regular brushes, but are also better at keeping your mouth vigorous and fresh. They are also affordable, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing everyone to pick a brush most suitable for their needs.

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