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1. Conditions for Admission Candidates for admission to the B.Tech degree course shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary Examination, Kerala or 12th Standard V.H.S.E., C.B.S.E., I.S.C. or any examination accepted by the university as equivalent thereto obtaining not less than 50% in Mathematics and 50% in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/ Bio- technology/ Computer Science/ Biology put together, or a diploma in Engineering awarded by the Board of Technical Education, Kerala or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto after undergoing an institutional course of at least three years securing a minimum of 50 % marks in the final diploma examination subject to the usual concessions allowed for backward classes and other communities as specified from time to time. 2. Duration of the course i) The course for the B.Tech Degree shall extend over a period of four academic years comprising of eight semesters. The first and second semester shall be combined and each semester from third semester onwards shall cover the groups of subjects as given in the curriculum and scheme of examination ii) Each semester shall ordinarily comprise of not less than 400 working periods each of 60 minutes duration iii) A candidate who could not complete the programme and pass all examinations within Ten (10) years since his first admission to the B.Tech programme will not be allowed to continue and he has to quit the Programme. However he can be readmitted to the first year of the programme if he/she satisfies the eligibility norms applicable to the regular candidates prevailing at the time

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...communication lines at any given time, you will still be counting long after my lifespan and beyond, there’s that much data. What we witness as everyday patrons who succumb to the thresholds in data communication restrictions if it were to run without direction, then all of our communication would experience extreme latency during transfer. Because of this constant object standing in the way of smooth data transfers, Standards were put in place to monitor and maintain the process. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or IEEE, was officially formed in January 1963 from two individual companies the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), and American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE). Together they would design what we have come to know today as our internet. The IEEE main function and purpose is to instill a scientific and educational means to advance theory and practices of Electronics, Computer engineering, Electrical, and Communications in their own respective fields. IEEE plays a very big part, much like a conductor for an orchestra, IEEE is the “conductor” and the instruments are the organizations that work under IEEE in organizing our data. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) A well-known Standards Organization known as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), is an agency of the United Nations. Its original name was the International Telegraph Union, and it was founded in Paris...

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...|Project |IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless Access Working Group | |Title |Nonce based TEK Update for Handover | |Date Submitted |2008-01-21 | |Source(s) |Stavros Tzavidas |Voice: +1-847-632-4313 | | | |E-mail: | | |Motorola Inc. | | | | | | | |1501 W. Shure Dr. | | | |Arlington Heights IL 60004 | | | | ...

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...第 35 卷第 4 期 2013 年 7 月 机器人 ROBOT Vol.35, No.4 Jul., 2013 DOI:10.3724/SP.J.1218.2013.00500 基于图优化的同时定位与地图创建综述 梁明杰 1 ,闵华清 2 ,罗荣华 1 (1. 华南理工大学计算机科学与工程学院, 广东 广州 510006; 2. 华南理工大学软件学院, 广东 广州 510006) 摘 要: 基于图优化的同时定位与地图创建(SLAM)是当前机器人领域的研究热点.从帧间配准、 环形闭合检 测以及优化技术 3 个主要方面对基于图优化的同时定位与地图创建进行综述.对每一个方面,阐述其关键技术,介 绍最新研究进展, 并探讨相关难点问题及解决思路.最后, 对基于图优化的同时定位与地图创建的发展作出展望. 关键词:同时定位与地图创建;配准; 环形闭合检测; 图优化 中图分类号:TP24 文献标识码:A 文章编号:1002-0446(2013)-04-0500-13 Graph-based SLAM: A Survey LIANG Mingjie 1 ,MIN Huaqing 2 ,LUO Ronghua 1 (1. School of Computer Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510006, China; 2. School of Software Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510006, China) Abstract: Graph-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is currently a hot research topic in the field of robotics. Frame-to-frame alignment, loop closure detection and graph optimization are three main aspects in graph-based SLAM. For each aspect, the key techniques and current progress are discussed, and the difficult problems and the possible solutions are also analyzed. Finally, the potential future issues and research trends are explored. Keywords: simultaneous localization and mapping; registration; loop closure detection; graph optimization 1 引言(Introduction) 未知环境中,机器人的自主地图创建与自定位 密切相关, 相互依赖. 同时定位与地图创建 (SLAM) 将二者相结合, 其主要思想是: 一方面, 依靠已创建 的地图信息进行自定位;另一方面,根据定位结果 对地图进行更新.SLAM 已成为近年来机器人领域 的热点研究问题,并被认为是实现真正自主机器人 ...

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...Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers based in New York, New York. With aspirations of solving the world’s most challenging problems and exceeding in engineering excellence, IEEE UCSD hopes to inspire the next generation of engineers in leadership and professional development by means including micromouse competitions and social events (IEEE USCSD, 2014). Joining the team at UCSD has many benefits. Along with meeting people from all around the world there are grants available to the competitors and students such as undergraduate grants, Warren College grants and Jacobs’s school grants. Specific to the team at UCSD, the first ten teams to sign up are eligible for a $250.00 grant (IEEE UCSD, 2014). There are also many funding opportunities from companies, alumni and other private donors. If someone is interested in joining the IEEE organization outside of the UCSD group, they can expect reasonable membership fees of $187.00 per person and only $32.00 per year if they are a student. This allows people to access many more resources such as having their own IEEE account, access to journals and periodicals, funding and discounts through reimbursements from the IEEE organization itself. This particular organization at UCSD was chosen specifically for its association with the IEEE and the benefits that come with it as well as its geographical elation to the Silicon Valley, which has been the birthplace of many technological advances in computers and electronics. Also, since...

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